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A multisheathed catheter (12) includes an umbrella (18) positioned on its exterior sheath (16). In use, the umbrella (18) should be positioned within the pulmonary artery. The umbrella (18) has a meshwork (22) through which blood and plasma pass freely therethrough, but which is capable of catching ...

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A transponder arrangement is described comprising an interrogation unit (10) which sends an RF interrogation pulse to at least one responder unit (12). The responder unit (12) then transmits back data stored therein in the form of a modulated RF carrier to the interrogation unit (10). In the respond ...

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Suture devices, particularly useful in endoscopic surgery, include a suture device made of bioabsorbable material having an elongate body member with a sharp distal end for penetrating tissue and means for locking the suture device in tissue to prevent forward and rearward movement and a suture devi ...

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A spinal needle which has the capability of sealing its opening after withdrawal. A first conventional spinal needle or cannula is used for standard diagnostic or therapeudic use. A second cannula is inserted concentrically into the first needle and includes a dural seal having an absorbable suture ...

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A check processing device is particularly adapted for retailer/customer use at the point-of-sale through use of a MICR read head means, printer means and keypad means which feed information into a CPU which communicates, through an existing telecommunication system, with the customer's bank and the ...

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A system for electronically transaction processing a large volume of documents utilizes high speed local area networks to distribute images and data related to the documents. Connected to the high speed network are slower speed networks in which the processing takes place at workstations. The workst ...

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An improved spinal retractor frame having detachable pairs of blade sets is disclosed in which the blades are self-engaging, automatically aligning, and rapidly attaching. The spinal retractor has a pair of arms which engage blades along the sides of the arms. The blades have a U shaped opening at t ...

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A bone plate for use in osteosynthesis having a plurality of contact elements extending from its lower surface so that contact between plate and bone is reduced to the minimum contact needed during attachment of the plate to a bone.

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Restenosis following angioplasty can be inhibited by reducing the proliferation of smooth muscle cells in the blood vessel walls at an angioplasty site, and such reduction in cell proliferation can be accomplished by irradiating the angioplasty site with radiation in the ultraviolet (UV) wavelength ...

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A cardiac pacemaker system of the type including a sensor responsive to the metabolic demand for oxygen and which varies the pacing rate in response to the output of the sensor. The pacemaker defines a function relating sensor output to pacing rate, based upon independently selectable parameters, in ...