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A device for computer-assisted monitoring of body temperature and for detection of ovulation, for detection and treatment of life-threatening cardiac ischemia and arrythmia, and for detection and correction of abnormal elevation of glucose.

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A stylus and table X-Y data input system for a video display system. The pen includes an optical styling having a suitable pickup mechanism and the tablet is passive in nature and provides direct digitized data readout. Absolute positional information is encoded in binary form in the tablet in such ...

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An articulated arm has a plurality of arms connected to each other by joints. A pointer is connected to one of the plurality of arms. The arm nearest the pointer is the foremost arm of the articulated arm. Angular displacement sensors are provided at joints of the articulated arm, for producing angu ...

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A system for controlling power at a remote site includes a two channel modem having a first channel dedicated for transmitting power controlling messages to power control modules and a second channel dedicated to transmitting data messages to computerized equipment. The power control modules include ...

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A digital, interactive communication system designed to provide a plurality of remote subscribers with any one of a plurality of stored video games or like software packages through the use of a home computing assembly maintained within the subscriber's home and structured to display video as well a ...

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A method and system is disclosed for reversibly establishing a closed, flow-impervious cryogenic barrier about a predetermined volume extending downward from a containment site on the surface of the Earth. An array of barrier boreholes extend downward from spaced apart locations on the periphery of ...

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Apparatus and method which provides for the determination of a vehicle's orientation and position in an environment, such as a hallway, from an image of a retroreflective ceiling feature. A mobile robot 10 includes a light source 28 and a camera 12 that are pitched up obliquely at an intermediate an ...

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A light pipe used for backlighting liquid crystal displays has a planar front surface and a stairstepped or faceted back surface. Light is injected from the ends of the light pipe from cold or hot cathode, apertured, fluorescent lamps. The cold cathode lamps are preferably insulated to raise their o ...

Harold W Preston, Jeffrey R Rush: Multiple user stored data cryptographic labeling system and method. Micronyx, Baker & Botts, September 24, 1991: US05052040 (213 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a system and method of extending the labels on an encryption technique so that different users can utilize the same files under different rights established by both the user and the system administrator. This system and method take advantage of an extension of the file label which ...

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A golf club head has three cavities spaced along the sole of the head. A set of weight members having various weights is provided. Such weight members are selectively installed in the cavities to vary the center of gravity of the club head horizontally, between the toe and heel of the head to modify ...