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A device for enhancing the safety and efficiency of a hand-operated electrosurgical pencil having an electrode 2 with a distal end 2 min defining a tip for cutting or coagulating biological tissue, which device 10 comprises a nose piece adapted to be mounted about said electrode and containing condu ...

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Composés de formule générale : dans laquelle R, R1 et R2 sont définis dans la description. Les composés de formule (1) sont utiles dans le traitement de désordres de système nerveux central.

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A connector assembly for printed circuit boards, comprises a first connector element with a first housing of insulating material and regularly arranged male signal and ground contacts connectable to a printed circuit board, and a second connector element with a second housing of insulating material, ...

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The present invention is directed to a new class of compound which are useful as inhibitors of the biosynthesis of nitric oxide.

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The hollow mandrel has axially parallel channels (5, 6) for transferring the contents of a first bottle into a second bottle and is normally pierced through an elastomeric seal (2) arranged on the bottle. On its circumference the hollow mandrel is equipped with locking elements (7) which, during the ...

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As a tread rubber of a pneumatic tire is used a rubber composition comprising 10-150 parts by weight of a silica filler, 0-150 parts by weight of carbon black and 0.2-10 parts by weight of at least one specified silane coupling agent, based on 100 parts by weight of a particular polymer rubber havin ...

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A bleaching composition is described that includes a peroxygen compound such as sodium perborate, an oxygen transfer agent, suchas sulfonimine, and a bleach precursor such as TAED. These sulfonimines at relatively low concentration enhance the activity of the precursor. A method for bleaching substr ...

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An ink jet recording apparatus for discharging ink to perform recording comprises a carriage member for mounting recording means for discharging ink, a cleaning member arranged to face the regions other than the region for the aforesaid recording means to clean the discharging port formation face of ...

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Before a signal is recorded to an optical disk, irradiations are made with plural light irradiation conditions of variable irradiation power or pulse width, optical conditions of irradiated portions are detected by detecting changes, in the reflectivity or transmissivity or errors, and the optimum i ...

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The present invention provides a method for the preparation of an ethylene polymer composition having a density of 0.86-0.94 g/cm and an intrinsic viscosity [ eta ] of 1-6 dl/g using an olefin polymerization catalyst comprising a transition metal compound containing a ligand having a cycloalkadienyl ...