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The invention relates to dispersions of polythiophenes which are built up from structural units of the formula in which R1 and R2, independently of one another, are hydrogen or C1-C4-alkyl or together form an optionally substituted C1-C4-alkylene radical, in the presence of polyanions, to the prepar ...

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The knee joint is inspected arthroscopically the patellar or semitendinosus tendon is harvested or another ACL substitute is obtained. Notchplasty is performed. A tibial tunnel (112) is drilled over a K-wire (96) from the front face of the tibia 20-25 mm below the knee joint to the attachment site o ...

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The information being digitised in the form of successive information words Mi consisting of a set of bits, these words being organised into a sequential arrangement, the method consists in associating with the information words Mi, coded identification data transparent relative to the digitised inf ...

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A fixation screw for securing a bone graft of a tendon section in place in a ligament tunnel is formed from a biocompatible plastic or bioabsorbable material. The tendon section is used to replace a ligament and has a tendon section attached at each end to bone grafts. The fixation screw is tightene ...

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A data processing system is provided with an intelligent help system and suggests to the user, when the user enters a question or an erroneous command, a valid command. A plurality of intents are stored in the system which define the purposes of the various commands executable by the system. When th ...

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Microparticles consisting of biodegradable polymers, characterised in that they are composed of polymerisable aldehydes which, if required, contain additives capable of copolymerisation and/or crosslinkers, where appropriate surfactants or surfactant mixtures, gases and/or volatile liquids in free o ...

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The present invention involves the construction of several mutations in the Escherichia coli alkaline phosphatase gene, that result in the production of an enzyme having an improved specific activity. The resultant mutant enzymes have up to 1.5- to 36-fold higher specific activity, while retaining a ...

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Polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies to a 28-mer peptide present within A4-amyloid are described. They are used for assays and imaging of A4-amyloid in Alzheimer's Disease patients.

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A stent for placement within a body lumen and comprising a wall structure wherein at least a portion thereof is a hollow wall. The hollow wall has disposed therein a hydrophilic material which can be in the form of a gel, for example, which swells upon introduction of a liquid into the hollow wall t ...

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The invention relates to retroisosteric dipeptides of the general formula I in which X, Q, A, B, D, L, M, Y, R1 and R2 have the meaning indicated in the description, to processes for their preparation and to their use as renin inhibitors in pharmaceutical compositions, especially in pharmaceutical c ...