Ujita Toshihiko: Ink jet apparatus and ink jet cartridge therefor.. Canon, August 7, 1991: EP0440261-A2 (194 worldwide citation)

An ink cartridge (4) detachably mountable to an ink jet recording apparatus, the ink cartridge (4) containing ink to be supplied to a recording head (1) includes an ink container (25) for containing the ink; and an adaptor (26) having a receptor (26A) for detachably receiving the ink container and a ...

Dessing Jacobus Petrus Maria, Roodenburg Pieter Jacob, Aurik Erik Arnoldus, Borgman Fokko Pieter: Ultrasonic detector, methods for searching a moving object, ultrasonic sensor unit, element for positioning an animal, terminal apparatus for an automatic milking system, and method for automatically milking an animal.. Multinorm, August 7, 1991: EP0440313-A2 (99 worldwide citation)

A method of automatically milking an animal includes ultrasonic sensor means to be used for finding and/or following the teat of the animal, a terminal apparatus for easily controlling the milking operation, and means for accurately positioning an animal.

Kokko Bruce Jerome: High bulking resilient fibers through cross linking of wood pulp fibers with polycarboxylic acids.. James River, August 7, 1991: EP0440472-A1 (82 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to resilient bulking fibers prepared by crosslinking wood pulp fibers with polycarboxylic acids.

Epstein Michael: Vehicle display device. Epstein Michael, August 7, 1991: GB2240650-A (77 worldwide citation)

A display device intended for use within the rear windscreen of a motor car comprises a dot-matrix LED display unit 2 arranged to display an illuminated message visible to passing vehicles. The messages may be pro-recorded in a memory within the device, or may be entered from a keypad, and may conta ...

Pavlidis Theodosios, Wang Ynjuin Paul, Swartz Jerome: High density two dimensional symbology.. Symbol Technologies, August 7, 1991: EP0439682-A2 (75 worldwide citation)

A non-volatile electro-optical read-only memory includes a substrate on which is printed (or otherwise inscribed) a complex symbol or "label" with a high density two-dimensional symbology, a variable number of component symbols or "codewords" per row, and a variable number of rows. Codewords in alte ...

Billeter Martin A Prof Dr, Cattaneo Roberto, Schmid Anita, Ballart Isidro, Eschle Daniel: Cdna corresponding to the genome of negative-strand rna viruses, and process for the production of infectious negative-strand rna viruses.. Schweiz Serum & Impfinst, August 7, 1991: EP0440219-A1 (73 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates, in general, to a methodology suitable for generating infectious negative-stranded viruses, suitable for use as vaccines, from cloned complementary deoxyribonucleic acid (cDNA). The invention relates specifically to cDNA molecules and to helper cells suitable as tools i ...

Lasure Randal D, Schweizer Werner, Venetjoki Ari: Rotary pad turner.. Joa Curt G, August 7, 1991: EP0439897-A1 (60 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for turning pads (11) through an angle of 90 DEG about an axis perpendicular to their plane as they are orbited with a drum (50) from a pad pickup station to a pad transfer station. The drum (50) has a plurality of circumferentially spaced apart supports (41) inside of it. A hollow shaft ( ...

Fisher Derek, Francis Gillian Elizabeth, Delgado Cristina: A process for fractionating polyethylene glycol (peg)-protein adducts and an adduct of peg and granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor.. Royal Free Hosp School Med, August 7, 1991: EP0439508-A1 (53 worldwide citation)

A process for fractionating a mixture of polyethylene glycol (PEG)-protein adducts comprising partitioning the PEG/protein adducts in a PEG-containing aqueous biphasic system.

Ross Calvin John, Humberstone Victor Carey: Atomised spray dispenser. Bespak, August 7, 1991: GB2240494-A (50 worldwide citation)

Dispensing apparatus (1) comprises a housing (2) defining a chamber (3) receiving liquid (4) to be dispensed and comprising a perforate membrane (13) which defines a front wall of the chamber. A vibrating means (8) is connected to the housing and is operable to vibrate the perforate membrane to disp ...

Poot Jacob: Reflector.. Poot Lichtenergie, August 7, 1991: EP0440274-A1 (47 worldwide citation)

For lighting, particularly in glass horticulture, assimilation lighting is applied to improve the quality the crop. In order to obtain the most regular possible progression of the light output, which is expressed in the polar diagram, a reflector is used according to the invention. The reflector (1) ...