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A polymer composition is disclosed composed of morpholino subunit structures which are linked together by uncharged, achiral linkages. These linkages are one to three atoms in length, joining the morpholino nitrogen of one subunit to the 5' exocyclic carbon of an adjacent subunit. Each subunit conta ...

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A system and method for evaluating responses to broadcast programs, such as television programs, includes an instructional signal modulated onto a signal transmitted concurrently with the television program, or time-multiplexed with a television. At each of a plurality of remote receiving stations, ...

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A novel polyurethane based prepolymer useful in biomedical devices which provides high oxygen permeability and superior physical properties.

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For use on automobiles, the invention provides a compact device for measuring the concentration of a nitrogen oxide in a combustion gas such as an exhaust gas of an internal combustion gas. The device has an ion pumping cell using an oxygen ion conductive solid electrolyte to adjust the partial pres ...

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A laser scanning microscope produces molecular excitation in a target material by simultaneous absorption of two photons to thereby provide intrinsic three-dimensional resolution. Fluorophores having single photon absorption in the short (ultraviolet or visible) wavelength range are excited by a str ...

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A vascular catheter having an expandable cage mounted on the distal end of a tubular member which is radially expanded and contracted by means of a control wire which is secured to the distal end of the expandable cage. The control wire extends through a first inner lumen within the tubular member w ...

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A force and pressure sensor is provided having two sets of parallel electrodes which are positioned facing one another and arranged so that electrodes of one set cross the electrodes of the second set at an angle to create a plurality of electrode intersections. Pressure-sensitive resistive material ...

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A method of filling, sealing and sterilizing a pharmaceutical package including a polypropylene bottle containing a balanced salt solution includes the steps of filling each bottle to maximum capacity to exclude residual air, the introduction of a silicone rubber gasket into the bottle cap to absorb ...

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Methods are provided for producing plants exhibiting one or more desired phenotypic traits. In particular, transgenotes are selected that comprise a DNA segment operably linked to a promoter, wherein transcription products of the segment are substantially homologous to corresponding transcripts of e ...