Manuel T Alonso: Heart valve prosthesis. Medtronic, Robert J Klepinski, July 16, 1991: US05032128 (459 worldwide citation)

A heart valve prosthesis and method for replacement of the same are disclosed. The prosthesis includes a sewing ring for permanent attachment to heart tissue, and a valve assembly which is replaceably mounted within the sewing ring in a spaced-apart relationship to define a cylindrical cutting path ...

Mark A Tornetta: Real estate search and location system and method. Realpro, Ratner & Prestia, July 16, 1991: US05032989 (390 worldwide citation)

There is provided a method for locating available real estate properties for sale, lease or rental using a database of available properties at a central location and remote stations which use a graphic interface to select desired regions on a map of the areas in interest. The user begins with a regi ...

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An improved surgical stapling apparatus containing a locking mechanism to prevent reactuation of the apparatus, the locking mechanism comprising a resilient clip having a hook which is engagable with a locking notch on the cam bar retainer. The resilient clip is initially held in a non-engagable pos ...

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The distributed auditing subsystem invention runs in a UNIX-like operating system environment with a hierarchical file system. The invention provides an audit trail of accesses to the objects it protects and maintains and protects that audit trail from modification or unauthorized access or destruct ...

John G Frazee, Roger J Malcolm: Hemostatic clip and applicator therefor. Peter L Klempay, July 16, 1991: US05032127 (250 worldwide citation)

A hemostatic clip applicator tool includes a replacable magazine for storing a series of clips, a dispensing mechanism for advancing clips from the magazine, and an applicator tip which receives the advanced clip and closes the same to a controlled degree of clamping pressure.

Keith R Mullett: Position-responsive neuro stimulator. Medtronic, John L Rooney, July 16, 1991: US05031618 (244 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and technique for electrical stimulation of the central or peripheral nervous system based upon changes in position of the patient. A position sensor may be chronically implanted in the patient. One preferred mode uses a mercury switch position sensor which indicates whether a patient i ...

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The present invention relates to a three-dimensional cell culture system which can be used to culture a variety of different cells and tissues in vitro for prolonged periods of time. In accordance with the invention, cells derived from a desired tissue are inoculated and grown on a pre-established s ...

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A battery capacity indicator is described which measures the battery terminal voltage at two discharge rates, monitoring the resultant differential battery voltage at predetermined time intervals, and comparing the resultant differential battery voltage to a set of predetermined differential battery ...

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A continuous speech recognition system includes an automatic phonological rules generator which determines variations in the pronunciation of phonemes based on the context in which they occur. This phonological rules generator associates sequences of labels derived from vocalizations of a training t ...

Morris Simon: Adjustable biopsy needle-guide device. Beth Israel Hospital Assoc, David Prashker, July 16, 1991: US05031634 (167 worldwide citation)

A unique adjustable biopsy needle-guide device is provided which allows it to be inserted accurately at a selected anatomic site; to be secured in an engaged position; to be disengaged on-demand into a moveable form; and to be repositioned at will. The guide device comprises a cannula with multiple ...