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A multimedia bidirectional broadcast system including a broadcast station and subscriber terminals. The broadcast station includes a main control unit having therein a data base control table in which program and commerical down load sequences are recorded depending on a setting effected by a subscr ...

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An instrument for the deployment or retraction of a self-expanding stent in a body canal, which comprises an elongated tubular outer sleeve having disposed therein an elongated core which is movable relative to said sleeve and has a grip member formed at or near its distal end, which grip member is ...

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A fusion cage 10 having an external thread 12 can be surgically inserted into a threaded bore extending laterally between the adjacent bony structures such as two vertebrae 94, 95 with the thread 12 penetrating into cancellous bone of each of the vertebrae 94, 95. The fusion cage 10 is easily screwe ...

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The disclosure relates to a device for use in removing undesired material, e.g., occlusion or plaque, from a duct or blood vessel within a patient's body. The device comprises a catheter adapted to be disposed within a duct and an element disposed adjacent to the distal end portion of the catheter s ...

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A method for creating word models for a large vocabulary, natural language dictation system. A user with limited typing skills can create documents with little or no advance training of word models. As the user is dictating, the user speaks a word which may or may not already be in the active vocabu ...

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An apparatus and method for providing an endoscope with a plurality of potential channels is disclosed. A tubing having a radially flexible wall is positioned adjacent the endoscope insertion tube. The tubing is collapsed prior to inserting the insertion tube into the patient's body. After the inser ...

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Apparatus permits viewing of traffic or other conditions to the rear and side of a motor vehicle having opposite sides, and includes video camera structure mounted to the vehicle and directed sidewardly relative to the vehicle, and CRT structure operatively connected to the camera structure to displ ...

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An electrocautery instrument which is provided with a non-removable enclosed electrical switching mechanism. The entire switch assembly may be sealed from human contact by an insulating medium.

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A multi-functional surgical device useful, for example, for male and female sterilization procedures. The device can be used for applying an elastic occluding ring onto an anatomical tubular structure, for cutting and cauterizing the cut ends of such a structure, for introducing a gas and/or anesthe ...