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This disclosure describes a snooping coherency protocol for a multiprocessor network wherein every processor has its own private cache and bus interface means and the network is connected via a common system bus. Each processor has its own cache directory and image directory that duplicate each othe ...

Jeffrey P Baker, Duong T La, Randy A Coverstone: Thin film resistor type thermal ink pen using a form storage ink supply. Hewlett Packard Company, June 18, 1991: US05025271 (97 worldwide citation)

A disposable thin film resistor type thermal ink jet pen including a housing having a support surface at one end thereof with openings for passing ink to an adjacent thin film resistor type thermal ink jet printhead. The printhead is mounted on the support surface and has ink ejection orifii therein ...

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A method and apparatus is described for transmitting and receiving data signals and voice band signals over a single pair of wires, wherein the energy content of the data signals in the voice band is transferred to a higher frequency to avoid interference between the two. This is accomplished by sin ...

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A method is described for transient production of a desired heterologous protein comprising: transfecting a eukaryotic host cell with a vector producing a trans-activating protein; transfecting the eukaryotic host cell with an expression vector comprising a stabilizing sequence downstream of a promo ...

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A dosage form is disclosed comprising a coat that surrounds a drug. The coat comprises a subcoat and an overcoat thermally annealed to provide a single unit coat around the drug.

Samuel Shiber: Atherectomy system with a sleeve. Surgical Systems & Instruments, Samuel Shiber, June 18, 1991: US05024651 (92 worldwide citation)

An atherectomy system for removing an obstruction from within a patient's vessel, comprising a flexible guide-wire insertable into the vessel, a flexible rotary catheter for coring and ingesting obstruction material, insertable into the vessel over the flexible guide-wire, the flexible rotary cathet ...

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A silicon-based laser mounting structure is disclosed which provides improved interconnection between a semiconductor optical device, such as a laser, and an external high frequency modulation current source, by reducing the presence of parasitic inductive elements in the interconnecting network. Th ...

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This invention provides a safety means for powered machinery comprising a conventional wire mesh safety glove adapted for wearing by the machine operator. The machine with which it is used has a grounded frame, an electrical motor, a control switch with the electrical motor being connected to a sour ...

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An improved spread spectrum communications system is provided for establishing full-duplex voice/data radio communications within a single specified FCC ISM band. Spectrum spreading is performed relative to a plurality of sub-bands respectively defined about the lower and upper band-edges of the pre ...

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A self-supporting contact for engaging a conductor combined with guard means for protecting both the contact and the conductor against accidental touch by a human hand. The contact is stamped from a flat strip of resilient, conductive material and has a rectangular body with a plurality, preferably ...