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An ink recording apparatus used with printers or the like and manufactured by applying semiconductor device manufacturing techniques. One wall of an ink chamber (20) is formed of a single-crystal substrate (21) and an ink jet port (21a) is formed by etching on the single-crystal substrate (21). The ...

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A process for making a component by (A) depositing a first layer of a powder material in a confined region and then (B) depositing a binder material to selected regions of the layer of powder material to produce a layer of bonded powder material at the selected regions. Such steps are repeated a sel ...

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A versatile movable accommodation for automatically milking of cows is invented, which is usable in any kind of milking environment, such as in or next to a cowshed, or in a meadow. It can therefore be mass produced and assembled at a central production unit and preferably be transported on standard ...

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A TV game machine (10) having a connector for detachably connecting a memory cassette (30) having at least non-volatile memories (34) containing a game program (344), picture data (341) and sound data (342-343), a processor (13) for executing the game program for the game while processing the data f ...

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A system and method of evaluating the radio coverage of a geographic area (105, 110 or 115) serviced by a digital cellular radiotelephone communication system is described which comprises a plurality of base stations (101, 106 and 111) each having a transmitter and a receiver and a plurality of mobi ...

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A multiport repeater for a local area network installation has (in addition to its conventional functions) means for storing access rules for the items of equipment connected to it. It reads a portion of each frame, which may be all or part of the destination address segment and/or of the source add ...


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The invention provides a cleaning composition containing as an active component an aliphatic fluorohydrocarbon represented by the formula CnFmH2n+2-m wherein 4

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A coating composition comprises a film-forming resinous component together with a liquid carrier thereafter, in which composition the film-forming resinous component contains a film-forming polyamide containing fluorine atoms.

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A capacitor array provides a variable capacitance, having FET's as respective switching elements (10, 11, 12) for switching each capacitor (20, 21, 22) in the array on and off, and means (8) for controlling switching of the switching elements to switch selected ones of the capacitors on, characteris ...