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Silicon-bridged transition metal compounds and their use as .alpha.-olefin polymerization catalysts are disclosed. A chiral silicon-bridged metallocene catalyst polymerizes .alpha.-olefins to high isotacity with a minimum of inversions at high rates of catalyst activity. The catalyst is easily made ...

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The present invention relates to an optical lens for correcting astigmatism. It includes diffractive components whose outlines are delimited by conic section curves having non-degenerate centers. More precisely, in accordance with the invention, the lens includes adjacent diffractive components havi ...

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A rearview mirror having an operating condition display which is positioned in the forward part of a driver's cabin and is disposed interiorly of the vehicle, the improved rearview mirror having an operating condition display comprises a speed display light which is provided so as to selectively ill ...

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A warning light is contained in the housing of a rear view mirror assembly mounted to the side of a vehicle and directs a conical beam of light toward the pavement at the side of the vehicle.

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A drill bit for drilling a hole in the ground, with cutting elements annularly cutting a core which, when it has reached a certain height, is continuously crushed by teeth on rolling cones. By combining these two processes, cutting and crushing, in this manner an improved drilling advancement is ach ...

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An electronic still camera has a memory card, which is detachably provided, for recording photographed image data. The electronic still camera comprises a data compression unit for compressing image data to be recorded, a mode selection unit provided in association with the data compression unit to ...

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The present invention pertains to a fiducial implant for the human body that is detectable by an imaging system. The invention is comprised of a first portion and a second portion. The first portion is configured to be detected by an imaging system when placed beneath the skin. The second portion is ...

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An orthodontic shape-memory alloy archwire for ligating to orthodontic appliances is heat treated, so that different sections of the archwire each exhibit a predetermined modulus of elasticity, and therefore impart a predetermined range of force when deflected. The distal ends of the archwire are fu ...

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A keyboard usable on a typewriter or a computer terminal and configured in accordance with ergonomic principles uses chording of one thumb and one finger to type the characters of the English alphabet. The keyboard includes right and left preloaded palm pads which are shaped and contoured to fit the ...

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A lead frame includes a die pad for mounting thereon a semiconductor chip having a plurality of electrodes, a plurality of leads for electrical connection with the plurality of electrodes of the semiconductor chip, an outer frame disposed on the periphery of the die pad for supporting the die pad an ...