Gary K Michelson: Threaded spinal implant. Lewis Anten, May 14, 1991: US05015247 (1053 worldwide citation)

An artificial spinal implant is disclosed which when placed between two adjacent vertebrae directly participates and is incorporated in the ensuing fusion. Instrumentation and procedure is also disclosed.

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A spinal stabilization method is disclosed for fusing contiguous vertebra in an animal spine. The method includes the steps of forming an access opening into at least a layer of tissue disposed between contiguous vertebra to be fused. Additional portions of the tissue layer as well as material of th ...

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An improved device for delivering RF current to the operating tool of an ultrasonic surgical apparatus which comprises a switch module for selecting said RF current, an electrically conducting metal band connected to the switch module and an electrically conductive O-ring in electrical contact with ...

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An improved apparatus for applying surgical fasteners to body tissue wherein the improvement comprises a resilient, deflectable arm which frictionally engages body tissue held between the anvil portion of the apparatus and the cartridge assembly of the apparatus. The deflectable arm exerts a biasing ...

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The present invention is directed to a method of monitoring a patient's medicine compliance. It involves utilizing an automatic compliance monitoring device which stores compliance information and which may be connected to a computer with a display unit. The compliance monitoring device or the compu ...

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A generally tubular endoprosthesis or stent that includes a non-woven structure formed by two or more generally helically shaped cylinders of stiff strand material is provided. The strand material forming the non-woven structure is preferably secured together at attachment sites thereby allowing the ...

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A relatively painless method of safely collecting and testing blood comprises piercing a patient's skin, bathing the pierced area with a vehicle liquid and collecting a sample of the vehicle liquid and any blood on a test disk in the apparatus. A novel disposable apparatus for practicing the method ...

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An improved medication dispenser station is provided for controlled access storage of medications and other pharmaceuticals in a medical facility, such as a hospital or the like. The dispenser station comprises a housing with a plurality of normally locked drawers which have been preloaded with sele ...

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This invention discloses a three-dimensional, high density package for integrated circuits for which integrated circuits are placed onto substrate layers and then stacked together. Techniques for interconnecting the layers to one another and for connecting the layers to external circuitry are also d ...

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A method and apparatus is disclosed for the genetic transformation of soybean plants and plant lines by particle mediated transformation. Foreign genes are introduced into regenerable soybean tissues by coating on carrier particles which are physically accelerated into plant tissues. The treated pla ...