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A system for controlling and accounting for retrieval of data from a CD-ROM memory containing encrypted data files from which retrieval must be authorized. The system includes an authorization and key distribution terminal and a plurality of customer data retrieval terminals having such memories loa ...

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A surgical instrument of the kind which is adapted to operate using bipolar energizing potential comprises a pair of adjacently disposed, elongated electrodes that receive the bipolar potential, and an electrical insulator disposed between the electrodes. The insulator terminates proximally of dista ...

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A protective spring mechanism is employed to protect the jaws of a surgical rongeur, thereby protecting the fragile parts of the activating mechanism from excessive peak loads and preventing breakage.

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A video transmission system for facilitating transmission of video and control signals, particularly infrared remote control signals, between different locations in a residence using existing telephone wiring. Simultaneous transmission of signals of both types over active telephone lines is possible ...

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A method to obtain selected individual peptides or families thereof which have a target property and optionally to determine the amino acid sequence of a selected peptide or peptides to permit synthesis in practical quantities is disclosed. In general outline, the method of the invention comprises s ...

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A stage lighting system has a plurality of automated lamp units which can vary the parameters of a light beam for pan, tilt, brightness, intensity and size. A control console is connected to each of the lamp units via a bidirectional data link. A communication system provides for the exchange of inf ...

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A catheter assembly especially designed for the performance of atherectomy procedures which include an elongated flexible plastic tube which can be routed through the vascular system to the location of the atheroma to be removed and a working catheter insertable through the guide catheter in the for ...

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Apparatus, system and method are provided for processing charge vouchers against charge card accounts administered by a host institution that issues an approval/disapproval to a merchant for a proposed transaction. The apparatus is processor based and broadly includes a keyboard input having command ...

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A dual lumen catheter apparatus and method. The apparatus has an elongated catheter body adapted for insertion into a vein or a fluid-containing body cavity of a patient such as the right atrium of a heart. The catheter body has a septum that runs longitudinally through the interior of the catheter ...

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Vinyl unsaturated copolymers are described which are obtained in a two-step process and which consist of monomeric units A, B, C, D and E, copolymerized in a first step, and in a second step reacted with a reactive vinyl monomer M.sub.v, and in which A is a siloxane or fluorine containing vinyl mono ...