Robins Anthony Reginald: Compound nozzle. Robins Anthony Reginald, April 17, 1991: GB2236804-A (90 worldwide citation)

A compound nozzle consists of a primary passage 22 for conveying a first part of a fluid to be ejected and a secondary passage 23 surrounding the said first passage 22 and communicating with the ambient. The secondary passage 23 is effective to divert a second part of the fluid along a path 26 so as ...

Ewen John A: Catalyst for producing hemiisotactic polypropylene.. Fina Technology, April 17, 1991: EP0423101-A2 (67 worldwide citation)

This invention is for a metallocene compound which can be used in a catalyst system to produce hemiisotactic polymer. The compound is a bridged metallocene compound having dissimilar cyclopentadienyl groups and no bi-lateral symmetry. One example of the compound is isopropylidene(3-methylcyclopentad ...

Broeksteeg Johannes Marcelus: Impedance matched backplane connector.. Amp, April 17, 1991: EP0422785-A2 (59 worldwide citation)

An electrical connector is shown which is mountable to a printed circuit board (200) which includes a plurality of insulating housings (4). A vertical row of terminals is formed as a subassembly (60) where the terminals (72 to 75) are integrally molded within an insert (82) of dielectric material. T ...

Nutt Ruth F, Brady Stephen F, Veber Daniel F, Duggan Mark E: Fibrinogen receptor antagonists.. Merck & Co, April 17, 1991: EP0422938-A1 (56 worldwide citation)

A fibrinogen receptor antagonist of the formula wherein XX represents a synthetic alpha-amino acid containing a linear side chain and ZZ represents a sequence of 1, 2, 3 or 4 amino acids.

Saiki Kazunori: Image processing apparatus.. Yokogawa Medical Syst, April 17, 1991: EP0422220-A1 (56 worldwide citation)

The image processing apparatus prepares calculated image of high quality by effecting calculation in reduced amounts at the time of gamma -fitting within short periods of time maintaining high precision. The gamma -function is transformed into a linear equation through logarithmic transformation in ...

Alton Norman K, Peters Mary A, Stabinsky Yitzhak, Snitman David L: A consensus leukocyte interferon and a gene encoding it.. Amgen, April 17, 1991: EP0422697-A1 (51 worldwide citation)

There is provided a manufactured gene capable of directing the synthesis in a selected host microorganism of consensus human leukocyte interferon, as well as consensus human leukocyte interferon.

Friese Axel, Simon Stefan: Tampon, especially for feminine hygiene, and a process and apparatus for producing this.. Mcneil Ppc, April 17, 1991: EP0422660-A1 (49 worldwide citation)

Tampon, especially for feminine hygiene, formed from an approximately cylindrical blank which is shaped by winding up a portion of length of tape-shaped nonwoven material, and the circumferential surface of which is pressed radially relative to the longitudinal mid-axis of the blank over an even num ...

Nutt Ruth F, Duggan Mark E, Veber Daniel F, Brady Stephen F: Fibrinogen receptor antagonists.. Merck & Co, April 17, 1991: EP0422937-A1 (48 worldwide citation)

A fibrinogen receptor antagonist of the formula wherein XX represents a synthetic alpha-amino acid containing a phenyl or C3-C8 cycloalkyl group, and ZZ represents a sequence of 1, 2, 3 or 4 amino acids.

Davis James Arthur, Arnold Karen Marie, Eckhardt Mary Beth, Kuepper Rebecca Jean, Mayberry Pamela Jean, Morman Michael Todd, Odorzynski Thomas Walter, Zunker Maryann: Hygienic absorbent article.. Kimberly Clark Co, April 17, 1991: EP0422504-A2 (45 worldwide citation)

A distinctive absorbent garment article (10) generally delimits a front waistband section (12), a rear waistband section (14) and an intermediate section (16) which interconnects the front and rear waistband sections. The article comprises a substantially fluid-impermeable backsheet layer (20), a li ...

Madore Linda Moy, Donkers Annemieke Constantia M: Liquid detergent fabric softening laundering composition.. Dow Corning, April 17, 1991: EP0422787-A2 (40 worldwide citation)

A liquid detergent having fabric softening properties and including an improved fabric softening agent. The fabric softening agent is a silicone fabric softening agent selected from the group consisting of a polyorganosiloxane which is free of reactive organic functional groups and having a viscosit ...