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A self-propelling, powder dispensing aerosol composition comprising at least 0.0001 % by weight of a finely-divided solid medicament coated with a non-perfluorinated surface-active dispersing agent which constitutes at least 0.0001 % by weight of the coated solid material, and suspended in an aeroso ...

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Hollow body organs, such as the gallbladder, may beablated by introducing a substantially unheated thermallyconductive medium to the interior of the organ. Thethermally conductive medium is then heated to atemperature sufficient to necrose the enclothelial liningor mucous membrane of the organ. Afte ...

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An aqueous water repellent composition comprising the reaction product of one or more of a carboxylic acid or anhydride containing from 3 to 22 carbon atoms and a polyfunctional aromatic or aliphatic amine or substituted amine containing from 2 to 25 carbon atoms and a water soluble metal complex cr ...

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The invention provides modified plant storage proteins, in which the modification is effected in the primary structure of the protein, and the tertiary and quaternary structure of the protein is retained. The site for modification is selected by reference to the three-dimensional structure of the pr ...

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Amino acid drivatives, enkephalinase and ACE inhibitors, of the formula (1a) and (1b), wherein Rl represents a biphenylgroup or one of the groups (a), wherein Z, Y and n have the meanings (b) or (c), wherein R'1, represents a hydrogen atom, alower alkyl group; a phenyl group; a lower phenylalkylene ...

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The apparatus is intended particularly for the accurate drilling of bones preparatory to insertion of cross screws in intramedullary fixation devices. The apparatus comprises a flexible drive (23) whose remote end is connected to a drive motor (not shown). The drive (23) has a gear (17) which in tur ...

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The use of thioredoxin in the treatment of B lymphocytic leukemia and certain other malignant diseases. The enzyme can be used either alone or in combination with co-factors such as anti-immunoglobulins, interferons or interleukin 1,2,3, or 4.

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(EN) The invention relate to (a) multi-functional enzymes(s) with nucleoside didesoxyribosyl transferase and/or nucleoside desoxyribosyl transferase and/or (desoxy)nucleoside kinase and/or nucleotide reductase and/or desaminase and/or DNA polymerase activity including derivable didesoxyribofuranosid ...

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In order to obtain a manipulator using a plane pulse motor showing advantageous features such that even in a case where a moment of force is applied to the manipulator in a falling direction, the moment can be sustained by magnetic attraction caused by the pulse motor, the weight of the manipulator ...

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A method and apparatus is disclosed for growingembryonic or other undeveloped plant material in acontrolled, biologically sterile environment to produceplants capable of surviving in soil in an uncontrolledenvironment. Cloned somatic embryos of a particularplant are individually embedded in separate ...