Canich Jo Ann Marie: Olefin polymerization catalysts.. Exxon Chemical Patents, April 3, 1991: EP0420436-A1 (192 worldwide citation)

The invention is a catalyst system including a Group IV B transition metal component and an alumoxane component which may be employed to polymerize olefins to produce a high molecular weight polymer.

Fujita Takeshi, Domura Tatsuaki: Program reserving apparatus for a video tape recorder capable of receiving teletext broadcasting.. Sanyo Electric Co, April 3, 1991: EP0420123-A2 (134 worldwide citation)

A program reserving apparatus of a VTR capable of receiving teletext data carries out recording reservation of a program to be broadcasted by using a program list out of the received teletext data. When recording is reserved, time data of the program to be reserved selected by an operator are stored ...

Hamlin Robert N: Multilayer extrusion as process for making angioplasty balloons.. Schneider Usa, April 3, 1991: EP0420488-A1 (132 worldwide citation)

A method of producing laminated inflatable, substantially inextensible expander members having composite properties enhancing their use on intravascular catheters, such as angioplasty catheters is described. Diverse polymeric compounds of differing properties are coextruded to create a multilayer pa ...

Dawson Cherryl A, Keane Patrick: User selectable electronic mail management method.. Ibm, April 3, 1991: EP0420779-A2 (128 worldwide citation)

A user selectable electronic mail management method is disclosed for utilization by an individual computer user in a multi-user computer base electronic mail distribution system. Each individual computer system is permitted to graphically establish a plurality of electronic mail "in-baskets", each i ...

Ermert Helmut Prof Dr Ing, Pfeiler Manfred Dr Ing: Position finding of a catheter by means of non-ionising fields.. Siemens, April 3, 1991: EP0419729-A1 (125 worldwide citation)

Zur Ortung eines Katheters (2) in einem Gefäss (1) ist die Katheterspitze (3) mit einem Sender (4) für elektromagnetische oder akustische Felder oder Wellen ausgerüstet. Ein Empfänger (5) erfasst diese Wellen mittels an den Körper angekoppelter Sensoren bzw. Antennen (8a, b, c ...) und wandelt sie i ...

Grindahl Mervin Lee, Denzene Quentin Scott: An rf transponder for use in an automatic/remote instrument monitoring system.. Enscan, April 3, 1991: EP0420295-A1 (104 worldwide citation)

An RF transponder for use in an automatic/remote instrument monitoring system remotely located from an interrogate/receiver which transmits an RF activation signal to the transponder and which receives and processes RF transponder signals transmitted from the transponder in response to the activatio ...

Van Gorcom Robert Franciscus M, Van Hartingsveldt Willem, Van Paridon Peter Andreas, Veenstra Annemarie Eveline, Luiten Rudolf Gijsbertus Marie, Selten Gerardus Cornelis Maria: Cloning and expression of microbial phytase.. Gist Brocades, April 3, 1991: EP0420358-A1 (92 worldwide citation)

A nucleotide sequence encoding phytase has been isolated and cloned. The coding sequence has been inserted into an expression construct which in turn has been inserted into a vector capable of transforming a microbial expression host. The transformed microbial hosts may be used to economically produ ...

Carter James Alexander, Carter David Jeffery: Self documenting patch panel. Carter James Alexander, Carter David Jeffery, April 3, 1991: GB2236398-A (91 worldwide citation)

In a method for documenting the connections (6) between input and output ports (4,5) of a patch panel (1) wherein each port has a polling terminal (9, 10) associated with it, a polling signal is sent (7) in turn to each of the input polling terminals (9) of the input ports, and the output ports whos ...

Miyake Kazutoshi, Matsukura Masayuki, Yoneda Naoki, Hiroshima Osamu, Mori Nobuyuki, Ishihara Hiroki, Musha Takashi, Matsuoka Toshiyuki, Hamano Sachiyuki, Minami Norio: Biphenylmethane derivative, the use of it and pharmacological compositions containing same.. Eisai, April 3, 1991: EP0420237-A1 (67 worldwide citation)

The biphenylmethane derivative having the formula (I) is disclosed in which R1 is hydrogen, an alkyl, a cycloalkyl, a halogenated alkyl, -S-R7, -SO2-R7, -C IDENTICAL C-R7 or -(CH2)p-OR7, R7 being hydrogen, an alkyl, a cycloalkyl or a halogenated alkyl, p being zero or 1, -A1=A2-A3=A4- is -CH=CH-CH=C ...

Nagao Yuji: A game machine.. Sigma, April 3, 1991: EP0420586-A2 (62 worldwide citation)

This invention relates a game machine in which a combination of characters stopped along a winning line is judged based on a winning table showing winning combinations of characters to determine the presence of a win and a payment of coins. In this game machine, a substitutable character can be used ...