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An intervertebral disk endoprosthesis is filled with an elastic material and provided with cover plates at its end faces, and has a circular or elliptical corrugated tube surrounding the viscoelastic material, the tube being terminated by cover plates.

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A new and improved suture anchor of the sort adapted to anchor an intermediate portion of a piece of conventional suture in bone, and a new and improved installation tool for deploying the same, said installation tool being adapted to releasably hold at least one curved needle which is attached to s ...

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An interactive electronic classroom system for enabling teachers to teach students concepts and to receive immediate feedback regarding how well the students have learned the concepts. Structure is provided for enabling students to proceed in lockstep or at their own pace through exercises and quizz ...

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An implantable filtration and collection device for collecting a filtrate containing a physiological constituent of the body present in an interstitial body space. The device is operable with a negative pressure generating source to withdraw the filtrate from the interstitial body space. The device ...

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A surgical clip for repairing tears in fibrocartilage and soft tissue. The clip has a pair of opposed legs formed of rigid biodegradable material. Each leg has at least one barb for easily penetrating the cartilage and soft tissue, and for opposing withdrawal from it. The legs are interconnected by ...

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A method is provided for sequencing nucleic acids without the need to separate similarly sized DNAs or RNAs by gel electrophoresis. The method relies on the separate hybridization of multiple mixed oligonucleotide probes to a target sequence. The mixed oligonucleotide probes comprise sequences of fi ...

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A laparoscopic cannula is provided having a sleeve defining a hollow passageway through which a surgical instrument can be directed and having a proximal end and a distal end which projects into a cavity with the sleeve in its operative position, expandable structure at the distal end of the sleeve ...

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A head mounted display for presentation of video information includes a virtual raster display unit, an attachment mechanism for attaching the display unit to the head of the user, a support member connected to the attachment mechanism for supporting the display unit within the user's field of visio ...

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An impulse pay-per-view system wherein a number of downloadable transactions may be utilized to effect increased control and diversity is disclosed. A preview time/free transaction permits a system subscriber to view portions of a pay-per-view event without purchasing the event. A security transacti ...

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An implant for soft tisse (e.g., subcutaneous, perivascular, adipose), particularly a mass transfer device having a fluid diffusing or transmitting surface in contact with the soft tissue, in which the surface of the device in tissue contact is textured to provide a regular pattern of micropillars a ...