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Metal coordination complexes comprising a metal of Group 3 (except Sc), 4-10 or the lanthanide series and a delocalized PI -bonded moiety have said moiety substituted with a constrain-inducing moiety which reduces the angle at the metal between the centroid of said PI -bonded moiety and at least one ...

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An ink jet printer recording head (10) in which a plurality of vibrating plates (14) made of a piezoelectric material are fixedly spaced form a nozzle plate (11) such that the small gap therebetween admits a portion of ink. The surface of each vibrating plate (14) is integrally provided with a pair ...

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An apparatus and method for manipulating and anchoring tissue is provided. The invention is directed to solving the problem of manipulating and anchoring tissue within a joint when access to that tissue is limited, for example, during arthroscopic surgery. The apparatus includes an anchor member (10 ...

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An electronic cashless system uses a cashless medium (1) for memorizing amount information and for performing an operation of amount information. The electronic cashless system comprises an automatic transaction terminal device (2) having a reading/writing unit (2-1) for writing amount information t ...

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N-Acylureas and O-acylisoureas prepared by the reaction of a carbodiimide or a biscarbodiimide with hyaluronic acid are useful as vitreous replacements, joint cushions or adjuncts in wound healing.

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Disclosed are (1) a Xenopus laevis bone morphogenetic protein (BMP), (2) a DNA comprising a DNA segment coding for a Xenopus laevis BMP, (3) a transformant bearing a DNA comprising a DNA segment coding for a Xenopus laevis BMP and (4) a method for preparing the Xenopus laevis BMP which comprises cul ...

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A method for the amplification of a target nucleotide sequence using a first primer comprising 1) a target binding nucleotide moeity which is substantially complementary to the desired portion of the target nucleotide sequence; and 2) a polynucleotide tail; the first primer being such that whilst an ...

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An IC card holder comprises an elongate recess (21) into which an IC card can be inserted. Contacts (25) within the recess communicate with the chip within the card. A cover extends partially over the recess but leaves an opening through which a card is inserted into the recess. A pair of wings (23, ...

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Pro-drugs of potent 5-lipoxygenase inhibiting compounds comprise compounds of the formula in which A is an alkylene or alkenylene group, X is oxygen, sulfur, sulfoxyl, or substituted nitrogen, and Y is a group which includes substituted or unsubstituted carbocyclic or substituted or unsubstituted he ...

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Pharmaceutical compositions comprising effective amounts of salmeterol (and/or a physiologically acceptable salt thereof) and fluticasone propionate as a combined preparation for simultaneous, sequential or separate administration by inhalation in the treatment of respiratory disorders.