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A programmable gate array with an improved interconnect structure facilitates multi-source networks, communication of signals long distances across the array, and creation of networks in a symmetrical interconnect structure. The interconnect includes direct connections for each configurable logic bl ...

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When a bias is applied between a working electrode and a counter electrode or a reference electrode, the bias is gradually increased in its absolute value according to a predetermined time constant. Thus, damage to the membrane or membranes fixed on a surface of an electrode unit is reduced.

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After a reverse bias is applied between a working electrode and a counter electrode or a reference electrode, a forward bias higher than a forward measurement bias is applied between the working electrode and the counter electrode or the reference electrode before the forward measurement bias is app ...

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Novel molecular chimaeras produced by recombinant DNA techniques are described. They comprise a target tissue specific transcriptional regulatory sequence (TRS) linked and controlling the expression of a heterologous enzyme for example Varicella Zoster Virus Thymidine Kinase (VZV TK) gene. A molecul ...

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A composition for selectively enhancing opiate activity, including analgesic, anti-tussive, and sedative activity, as well as opiate activity in the treatment of dyspena and modulation of intestinal motility, while reducing tolerance and dependence associated with chronic use of opiate analgesics. M ...

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The invention permits the positioning of a surgical saw blade relative to the bone to be sawn, without bringing this saw blade into contact with any kind of guide. The invention consists in equipping the saw block (8) with a retractable slide (20) and in equipping the positioning guide (16) with a s ...

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A connector assembly (5, 5 min ) includes buffer material (16, 16 min ) surrounding the optical fibers (11, 11 min ) at one end of an optical fiber light cable (3) and a ferrule (17, 17 min ) crimped onto the buffer material (16, 16 min ) which squeezes the buffer material and packs the optical fibe ...

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The present invention provides a new aerosol preparation for external use mainly directed to skin cooling, which forms sherbet-like foams when sprayed. The stock solution is composed of a mixture of water with a lower alcohol as the base and a mixture of liquefied petroleum gas with dimethyl ether a ...

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Novel xanthine compounds represented by the following formula: wherein each of R, R and R independently represents a hydrogen atom or a lower alkyl group; each of X and X independently represents an oxygen or sulfur atom; represents a single bond or a double bond; Y represents a single bond or an al ...

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This film capacitors in accordance with the present invention include a silicon electrode (22), a first electrode layer (24) consisting of either one of titanium, titanium silicide, titanium nitride, tantalum, molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum silicide, molybdenum silicide, tungsten silicide, alloys th ...