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The surgical instrument set for the insertion of intervertebral endoprostheses, which consist of two stop plates and a sliding core to be arranged between them, is characterized in that it has spreading forceps (9) which have, at their front end on each spreading jaw (10, 11), an essentially U-shape ...

Vernon G Wong: Biodegradable ocular implants. Visionex, Bertram I Rowland, March 5, 1991: US04997652 (261 worldwide citation)

Encapsulated drugs are employed for introduction into the chambers of the eye for therapeutic purposes. The administration of drugs is controlled and maintained for long periods of time, while ensuring the substantial absence of significant levels outside the site of administration.

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A percutaneous catheter with encapsulating receptacle comprises a first catheter having a proximal and distal end, several struts attached to the distal end of the first catheter and extending distally therefrom in a cup-shaped form, a second, inner catheter received within the first, and a pocket-s ...

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Vitrified bonded abrasive bodies prepared from sol gel sintered aluminous grit particles and a vitreous (glass) bond exhibit improved abrasive performance by treating the surfaces of the grit particles so as to give them silica-enriched surfaces.

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An endosteal fixation for mounting a prosthetic or soft tissue graft or combination thereof, under tension at a cortex end of a bone tunnel and process for its use. The endosteal fixation stud includes a cylindrical body that is preferably manufactured from a somewhat resilient material, and is suit ...

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In an electronic endoscope apparatus, comprising: there are provided an electronic scope having an image sensor at a distal end thereof and an angle operation portion adjacent to the image sensor; a scope unit coupled with the electronic scope, including an endoscopic operation switch mechanically c ...

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Elongated, flexible strip, for linear or tubular surgical joinder has pluralities of primary retaining pins that extend in opposed directions and are substantially parallel to the strip face. The pins are adapted to pierce a respective tissue, extend therealong, and then extend into the opposed tiss ...

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An arthroscopic clip and insertion tool for same for repairing tears in fibrocartilage and soft tissue. The instrument for applying these clips has a pair of opposed jaws, each with at least one notch for holding the barbs of the clip. The jaws are biased apart in a normally open position and are in ...

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The article of the invention is an optically readable label for storing encoded information, said label comprising a data array of a multiplicity of information-encoded polygons arranged in a predetermined geometric pattern, and said polygons having at least two different optical properties.

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A personal verification system comprising a user device which is adapted to generate a time varying, multi-character, nonpredictable code; a verification device; a mechanism for permitting the user to communicate the nonpredictable code generated by the user device at a given time to the verificatio ...