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An assay employing a tracer comprising a ligand having a mercury label wherein mercury label is released from at least one of a bound or free tracer phase and iunteracts with a metal. Analyte is determined by a change in at least one property of the metal caused by such interaction. The invention al ...

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A system and method of selectively recommending, for a user selected from a group of users, items such as movies sampled by one or more of the users in the group but not sampled by the selected user. The recommendations are based on other items previously sampled by the user and preferably on the av ...

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An optical fiber distribution frame is disclosed which includes a plurality of modular cabinets. The plurality of cabinets includes a connector cabinet having a front panel with sleeve adaptors for mounting a plurality of connector sleeves on said panel at an angle to said panel.

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A left ventricular assist device and method is utilized to relieve the hemodynamic burden on a diseased left ventricle in the heart of a patient by inserting a shunt having an impellar for effectuating a substantially non-turbulent, non-traumatic flow of blood either from the left atrium or the pati ...

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Fluorescent stokes shift probes for polynucleotide hybridization assays are designed to provide predetermined nucleotide base unit spacings between the donor and acceptor fluorophores. When the probes are hybridized to the target polynucleotide the fluorophores paired for non-radiative energy transf ...

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In the present invention a matrix array of organic electroluminescent storage display elements along with row and column selection circuitry are used to select the particular display elements within the matrix to be illuminated. Interposed between the column and row selection electronics are a plura ...

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The device comprises a rotationally driven surgical instrument incorporating a hand-held element having a mount rotatably installed therein for reception of interchangeable cutting and milling inserts, a driving motor for driving the mount receiving the tool inserts, a control unit for controlling t ...

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A method for achieving fair card games including the steps of: randomly generating distinct numbers corresponding to each one of the cards employed for the card games; printing out the sequence of the predetermined distinct number on a sheet which is covered so as not to be visible by players before ...