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An automated system assists a user in locating and purchasing goods or services sold by a plurality of vendors. The system includes a programmed computer which is linked to a database. The database contains information about a large number of different products and/or services, arranged in various c ...

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An unforgeable personal identification system for identifying users at remote access control sites. The unforgeable personal identification system generates one-way encrypted versions of physically immutable identification credentials (facial photo, retinal scan, voice and finger prints). These cred ...

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Convenience and speed of play in a gaming machine are enhanced by providing a payout schedule that includes one very large payout along with a number of other large payout values that are plateaued just below an administrative value.

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A hermetically sealed combination ceramic and metal package for electronic components of an electronic device implantable in a living body, at least some of the components being adversely affected by high temperatures. The package comprises a ceramic sleeve and a metal band having substantially the ...

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A surgical stapling instrument includes first and second body members pivotally and detachably connected to each other, each having an elongated jaw to grip tissue therebetween to be stapled together. The instrument further includes a toggle joint pivotally connected on one of said body members and ...

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The present invention pertains to a fiducial implant for the human body that is detectable by an imaging system. The invention is comprised of a first portion and a second portion. The first portion is configured to be detected by an imaging system when place beneath the skin. The second portion is ...

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A method and system for positioning a defibrillation electrode within the pericardial space of a mammal is disclosed which includes means for distending the pericardium from the heart by injecting a small volume of fluid into the pericardium. A needle having a lumen therethrough is inserted from a s ...

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An implantable transponder has a plastic holder having a hollow interior and preferably a rough outer surface, a transmit/receive unit within the hollow interior of the holder, and an electronic element electrically connected to said transmit/receive unit within the hollow interior of said holder. T ...

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A light emitting diode (LED) or lamp is disclosed herein programmable to emit a variety of colors or hues at the selection of the user having a unitary housing of clear molded solid epoxy supporting three light dies characterized as producing color hues of red, green and blue respectively. A common ...