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In a thermal ink jet print head the ink is expelled in the form of small drops through a plurality of nozzles (45) communicating with corresponding expulsion chambers for expulsion of the ink through the effect of rapid heating of heater elements contained in the expulsion chambers. The nozzles, the ...

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Polymerisate von polycyclischen Olefinen der Formeln I bis IV mit einer Viskositätszahl grösser 20 cm /g und einer Glastemperatur oberhalb 100 DEG C erhält man ohne Ringöffnung mit einer hohen Polymerisationsgeschwindigkeit bei technisch günstigen Polymerisationstemperaturen mittels eines Katalysato ...

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An instrument for the deployment or retraction of a self-expanding stent (10) in a body canal (4), which comprises an elongated tubular outer sleeve (1) having disposed therein an elongated core (5) which is movable relative to said sleeve (1) and has a grip member (9) formed at or near its distal e ...

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A surgical retractor assembly comprises a rail (1) in the form of a ring which is adjustably supported by legs (4) above the patient from the operating table. A carriage (7) is mounted on the rail and carries a retractor (14). The retractor is mounted on one end of a first arm (13) the other end of ...

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A polymer suitable for use in hair care products comprising a copolymer comprising (a) a unit of a hydrophilic ethylenically unsaturated monomer such as dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate in a quantity of 15 to 99.9% by weight; (b) a unit of an ethylenically unsaturated monomer having a polysiloxane gr ...

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A shelving system, for the display and supply of articles, comprises a generally rectangular flat floor portion (1) having front and rear wall members connected to its front and rear edges respectively; in which each of the front and rear wall members comprises an upstanding wall portion (2) connect ...

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Nucleotides can be linked from a 5'-phosphate residue to a support via a dithio (-S-S-) linkage. Polynucleotides thus immobilised can be used in the polymerase chain reaction (PGR) at which a temperature of 90 DEG C is typically required. The -S-S-linkage can be produced by reaction of a thiolated s ...

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A stylus and tablet X-Y data input system for a video display system. The pen comprises an optical stylus having suitable pickup means and the tablet is passive in nature and provides direct digitized data readout. Absolute positional information is encoded in binary form in the tablet in such a fas ...

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An oxidation catalyst for decomposing chemical compounds, in which tin covers at least one precious metal of platinum, palladium, iridium and rhodium, and a surface covering rate of the tin is approximately 10 to 90% with respect to the precious metal.

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Flach- oder Kapillarmembranen auf der Basis eines homogenen Gemisches aus Polyvinylidenfluorid und eines zweiten, durch chemische Umsetzung hydrophilierbaren Polymeren, die aus 70 bis 98 Gewichtsprozent Polyvinylidenfluorid und 2 bis 30 Gewichtsprozent aus einem im wesentlichen aus Polyacrylsäuremet ...