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The present invention relates to a novel method and apparatus for the amperometric determination of an analyte, and in particular, to an apparatus (10) for amperometric analysis utilizing a novel disposable electroanalytical cell (20) for the quantitative determination of biologically important comp ...

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This invention presents novel reagents, separation techniques and assay procedures which allow both the indicator and the capture reagents to be in solution to avoid problems of slowed immunoreaction kinetics. The separation procedure involves a soluble capture reagent, comprising a specific binding ...

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The disclosure relates to an aircraft health and usage monitoring system comprising a computer system (D.A.P.U.) for processing data relating to both flight profiles and selected indicators (SENSORS) of health and usage of an aircraft and means to monitor the flight profile and the selected indicato ...

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Le seuil de déclenchement différentiel (Is) du déclencheur est une fonction polynominale d'ordre supérieur ou égal à deux du courant de phase le plus élevé (Ip) circulant dans le réseau protégé par le disjoncteur comportant le déclencheur.

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Lipase enzymes including mutant lipase enzymes, e.g. from Pseudomonas species, are produced and modified by recombinant DNA technique. The enzymes are applicable in detergent and cleaning compositions, with advantages for example of improved stability to proteolytic digestion.

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A lubricant for hydrofluorocarbon refrigerant comprises as a main component an ester obtained by esterifying at least one straight or branched-chain monovalent fatty acid having a particular carbon number with neopentyl glycol or at least one compound of general formula (I) or a polyvalent alcohol o ...

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A method for removing leukocytes from a leukocyte-containing suspension by passing a leukocyte-containing suspension over a filter unit containing a filter comprising a continuous porous structure, and obtaining a leukocyte-poor liquid, whereby a continuous porous structure or a combination of porou ...

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Electric power is supplied to the electromotor of a hydraulic pump unit (25) in response to steering demand and vehicle speed. Above a high speed threshold, eg 65 Km/h, the electric power supply is discontinued; in a medium speed range, eg 20 to 65 Km/h, the electromotor is energised at reduced powe ...

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The present invention is directed to the technical field of discrete electronic components and in particular refers to a circuit device for transforming a type "D" flip-flop into a flip-flop called type "B" able to sample data both on leading and trailing edges of the clock signal, which has a first ...

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The invention provides peptide derivatives comprising synthetic cyclic peptides represented by formula (I), or salts thereof, wherein R represents an amino acid residue or an oligo- or polypeptide residue, and a pharmaceutical agent containing said derivative as an active ingredient and inhibiting a ...