Bob Ware
Clinton R Kennedy, Stuart S Shih, Robert A Ware: Hydrocracking process with partial liquid recycle. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Charles J Speciale, Malcolm D Keen, January 8, 1991: US04983273 (42 worldwide citation)

A hydrocracking process employing a hydrocracking catalyst based on zeolite beta together with a metal hydrogenation/dehydrogenation component recycles the unconverted, hydrocracked bottoms fraction to the hydrocracking step for improvements in distillate selectivity and denitrogenation without loss ...

Robert Cushman, Wolff M Kirsch, Yong H Zhu: Deformable plastic surgical clip. University of New Mexico, Hoffman Wasson & Gitler, January 8, 1991: US04983176 (379 worldwide citation)

A plastic surgical clip comprises a pair of arms having inturned opposing tips, the arms being joined by a bridge having a lesser cross-section to provide a locus for bending by drawing the ears in parallel directions against an intermediate support.

Deane Hillsman: Metered dose inhaler biofeedback training and evaluation system. January 8, 1991: US04984158 (321 worldwide citation)

A visual and auditory biofeedback system instructs patients in proper techniques of inhalation to administer aerosol drugs with Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) devices. The system displays desired respiratory parameters along with real time performance with computer related technology means. Optimal perf ...

Raymond R Geier, Charles L Smiley, Robert L Stanger: Order entry system having catalog assistance. Square D Company, Arnold White & Durkee, January 8, 1991: US04984155 (284 worldwide citation)

In a system for enabling a customer to operate a data terminal for placing an order for goods or services from a supplier, the data terminal displays information about the goods or services being ordered to complete, correct or update information available from the supplier's catalog. The system has ...

Alfred R Jennings Jr: Use of CO.sub.2 /steam to enhance floods in horizontal wellbores. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Charles J Speciale, Charles A Malone, January 8, 1991: US04982786 (238 worldwide citation)

A method to enhance steam flooding where at least two horizontal wellbores are utilized. Carbon dioxide is injected into a lower perforated horizontal wellbore. Once sufficient carbon dioxide has been injected into the formation, steam is injected through the lower horizontal wellbore. The steam dis ...

Armand A Gregoli, Andrew M Olah, John A Hamshar, Daniel P Rimmer: Preparation of low-viscosity improved stable crude oil transport emulsions. Canadian Occidental Petroleum, John Wade Carpenter, January 8, 1991: US04983319 (237 worldwide citation)

A process for the preparation of low-viscosity improved stable crude oil transport emulsions. The process comprises producing a hydrocarbon crude, and mixing the produced hydrocarbon crude with an emulsifying composition(s) which contains water and is capable of assisting the formation of an oil-in- ...

Harvinder Sahota: Balloon catheters. Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, January 8, 1991: US04983167 (227 worldwide citation)

Dilatation catheters for use in administering treatments to relieve stenotic regions within a body lumen are described. In one aspect of the invention, a two wire catheter system, of minimal diameter for treating distal arteries is disclosed. In addition, a number of various dilatation balloon confi ...

Tiong C Go: High-density electronic modules - process and product. Irvine Sensors Corporation, Thomas J Plante, January 8, 1991: US04983533 (218 worldwide citation)

A high-density electronic module is disclosed, which is suitable for use as a DRAM, SRAM, ROM, logic unit, arithmetic unit, etc. It is formed by stacking integrated-circuit chips, each of which carries integrated circuitry. The chips are glued together, with their leads along one edge, so that all t ...

Hans Kaufmann, Roland Kueng, Urs Grob, Arnold Welti: Digital radio transmission system for a cellular network, using the spread spectrum method. Ascom Zelcom, Burns Doane Swecker and Mathis, January 8, 1991: US04984247 (217 worldwide citation)

A base station (BS) and mobile user stations (MS) each with a transmitter (S), a receiver (E) for multipath reception and a control unit (ST) are provided in each cell. Exactly one set of several sequence sets of the auxiliary function used for spectrum spreading is allocated to each cell. Sequences ...

William J Schnell: Lancing device. Invictus, Garrettson Ellis, January 8, 1991: US04983178 (192 worldwide citation)

An integrated lancing device comprises a generally U-shaped spring member defining a pair of arms having free ends. A lance blade is carried in transverse position on one of the arms adjacent the free end, the one arm defining a trigger projection typically positioned substantially along the axis of ...