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An atherectomy system for coring, ingesting and removing an obstruction material from within a patient's vessel having a flexible guide-wire defining voids for containing obstruction material and defining a diametrical envelope, a flexible rotary-catheter slidable and rotatable over the diametrical ...

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A system and method for positioning a tool relative to a patient's bone to facilitate the performance of a surgical bone alteration task. The system comprises a bone immobilization device for supporting the bone in a fixed position with respect to a reference structure, and a robot that includes a b ...

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Epithelial cells expressing foreign genetic material are described. The foreign genetic material can be DNA or RNA which does not occur in epithelial cells; DNA or RNA which occurs in epithelial cells but is not expressed in them at levels which are biologically significant; DNA or RNA which occurs ...

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Method and apparatus are disclosed for thermally destroying a layer of an organ such as the mucosal layer of the gallbladder. The apparatus includes a catheter having an elongated member having a plurality of lumens therein. At the distal end of the elongated member is an electrode for emitting radi ...

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A computerized open outcry exchange system for transacting sales of a particular futures commodity contract by members of a futures trading exchange wherein bids to purchase or offers to sell the particular contract are made orally by the members through remote terminals having voice entry data inpu ...

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A continuous process for monitoring blood glucose level includes the steps of segregating a clear liquid component of blood from the protein and cells of the blood, wherein the clear liquid component includes the glucose to be monitored; continuously passing the clear liquid in a predetermined path ...

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An implantable, flexible, helical electrode strcuture is disclosed having an improved connector for attaching the lead wires to the nerve bundle, thereby minimizing damage which might otherwise occur to the contact points between the lead wires and helical electrode.

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A battery powered computer system monitors the address bus to determine when selected peripheral devices have not been accessed for a preset amount of time. When the preset amount of time has passed the system powers itself down and stops the system clock, placing it in a standby mode. The system is ...

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The biocompatibility of biomaterials having solid surfaces is improved through coating the same with biocompatible agents where the biocompatible agents are covalently bonded to the solid surface via a chemical linking moiety. The method for modifying the solid surface to improve biocompatibility em ...

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A wrap for a flower pot comprises a sheet of material formed into the shape of a flower pot and having a pair of matching rings trapping the material between them at a location which, in use, will be adjacent to the upper margins of a flower pot. There is also disclosed a method of forming a flower ...