Carl McVey
Carl McVey: Relating to a ratchet machanism. RWO, Parmelee Miller Welsh & Kratz, December 18, 1990: US04977795 (8 worldwide citation)

A ratchet mechanism comprising a rotatable member incorporating a toothed periphery, the rotatable member being suitably mounted to allow free rotation thereof, a pawl incorporating apparatus for engaging the toothed periphery, the pawl being suitably mounted to permit movement thereof from a positi ...

David T Green: Three staple drive member. United States Surgical Corporation, Thomas R Dilworth Peter G Bremer, Rocco S Barrese, December 18, 1990: US04978049 (587 worldwide citation)

A staple drive member for a surgical stapling apparatus. The staple drive member is capable of driving up to three staples at a time and comprises a body portion having a camming surface at its proximal end contacted by a transversely moving cam, and three rectangular staple pusher plates oriented i ...

Ronald F Ofstead: Article having non-crosslinked crystallized polymer coatings. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Donald M Sell, Walter N Kirn, Dale A Bjorkman, December 18, 1990: US04977901 (384 worldwide citation)

A non-crosslinked crystallized polymer or polymer blending coating is disclosed for articles that come into contact with bodily fluids. The polymer or polymer blend to be used is crystallizable and is stable in the presence of water at temperatures of up to about 60.degree. C. when in the crystallin ...

William D Arthur III: Infusion pump with bar code input to computer. Medex, Wood Herron & Evans, December 18, 1990: US04978335 (356 worldwide citation)

An infusion pump has a housing for receipt of a syringe, a motor to drive the plunger of the syringe to expel a medicant within the syringe, a computer for controlling the motor and a place to mount the syringe. A bar code reader is mounted adjacent the syringe and the syringe has a pharmacist-appli ...

Atsushi Nagata, Yutaka Uekawa, Takanori Senoo, Kenichi Takahashi: Method and apparatus for protection of signal copy. Matsushita Electric Industrial, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack, December 18, 1990: US04979210 (292 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for the protection of signal copy for prevention unauthorized copying of music software such as records, compact discs and music tape by recording is arranged such that when recording audio signals on a medium, certain supplemental information is added to the audio signal to be recorded ...

Emil E Capozzi, H Stephen Cookston: Biological syringe system. Hemaedics, Beehler & Pavitt, December 18, 1990: US04978336 (240 worldwide citation)

Syringe holder carriers first and second syringes which contain proteins which, when mixed, become a tissue adhesive. A manifold locks onto the two syringes, receives the two streams and delivers them to an output nose. A standard needle detachably locks onto the nose of the manifold. Alternatively ...

Mitchell P Dombrowski, Robert A Welch: Needle and catheter assembly. December 18, 1990: US04978344 (217 worldwide citation)

A disposable needle assembly (10) includes a hub (16) for connecting the assembly (10) to a fluid conduit, the hub (16) including a passageway (24) extending therethrough. A hollow needle portion (28) is in fluid communication with the passageway (24). A cap (34) has a neutral position along the nee ...

Shaygan Kheradpir: Predictive access-control and routing system for integrated services telecommunication networks. GTE Laboratories Incorporated, James J Cannon Jr, Victor F Lohmann III, December 18, 1990: US04979118 (195 worldwide citation)

A predictive access-control and routing system for a telecommunications network operating in uncertain environments and capble of handling heterogeneous traffic. The system is a real-time, state-dependent network traffic control system in which the control strategy is a function of both real-time co ...

Larry W Fullerton: Time domain radio transmission system. Charles A Phillips, Phillips & Beumer, December 18, 1990: US04979186 (182 worldwide citation)

A time domain communications system wherein time modulated, impulse derived signals are multiplied by a template signal, integrated, and then demodulated. By this process, usable signals are obtained which would be otherwise obscured by noise.

Klein S Gilhousen, Franklin P Antonio, Irwin M Jacobs, Lindsay A Weaver Jr: Alternating sequential half duplex communication system. Qualcomm, Russell B Miller, December 18, 1990: US04979170 (182 worldwide citation)

A message communication system employing one or more centralized communication stations transferring messages through Earth orbit repeater satellites to or from mobile terminals with at least one central communication station having a first transceiver for transmitting a first communication signal t ...