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A VCR schedule controller receives broadcast data over antenna (1) or cable (2) by a programmable tuner (3), which is connected to a teletext receiver (4). The teletext receiver (4) is connected to a microprocessor (5). Microprocessor output (11) is connected to a video display generator (10), used ...

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A "return on investment" digital database usage metering, billing, and security system includes a hardware device which is plugged into a computer system bus (or into a serial or other functionally adequate connector) and a software program system resident in the hardware device. One or more databas ...

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A RF ablation catheter for removing athero-stenotic lesions or modifying the tissue characteristics of the interior walls of selected blood vessels is described. The catheter is characterized in having a tip member which during the initial placement of the catheter within the vascular system so that ...

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A method for controlled thermal shrinkage of collagen tissue by irradiation with coherent energy in the wavelength band of 1.80 to 2.55 microns as generated by a laser. A specific application to ophthalmological corneal reshaping is described.

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An apparatus for repairing in vivo torn cartilaginous or other bodily tissue, particularly torn meniscus tissue during arthroscopic surgery, employs a repair tack of biodegradable material chosen to have a degradation time in excess of the required healing time for the tissue. The repair tack has a ...

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A lancet ejector device for use in combination with a lancet injecting mechanism. The lancet ejector of the present invention enables the user to eject a lancet from the lancet injecting device without touching a used lancet.

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A passive, all optical communications network is provided in which a single optical source in a central station serves many outstations (e.g. telephones in customers' premises). Time division multiplexed optical signals from a laser source are transmitted along a single optical fibre (14) from a cen ...

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In an electronic cash implementing method, a user makes a bank apply a blind signature to user information Vi produced, by a one-way function, from secret information Si containing identification information, thereby obtaining signed user information. Further, the user makes the bank apply a blind s ...

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A transparent plastic collapsible balloon is attached to the distal end of a flexible bronchoscope or angioscope. The inflatable balloon has a cavity or "working well" at its distal end which communicates by means of a tube with the central channel of the angioscope. Separate channels of the angiosc ...

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A system for measuring flow of fluid through a line. A portion of the fluid in the line is isolated in a rigid container so that the fluid in the container is not affected by pressure in the rest of the line. An apparatus is provided for measuring that portion of the container that is not occupied b ...