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An enzyme sensor comprising an enzyme-modified electrode and a counter electrode, wherein the enzyme-modified electrode comprises, on an electrode substrate, a homogenous composition comprising an electron-transfer mediator and an enzyme and/or an enzyme-containing substance. The enzyme sensor is us ...

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Substituted Imidazo-fused 6-membered heterocycles of structural formula: wherein A, B, C, and D are independently carbon atoms or nitrogen atoms are angiotensin II antagonists useful in the treatment of hypertension and congestive heart failure.

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A beta -lactam of the formula: wherein R1 is aryl, substituted aryl, alkyl, alkenyl, or alkynyl; R2 is hydrogen, alkyl, acyl, acetal, ethoxyethyl, or other hydroxyl protecting group; and R3 is aryl, substituted aryl, alkyl, alkenyl, or alkynyl; and process for the preparation of taxol comprising con ...

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There are disclosed new substituted benzimidazole compounds and derivatives thereof which are useful as angiotensin II antagonists. These compounds have the general formula: l

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High purity polyethylene glycol derivatives of formula (I) are useful as protein modifiers of interferons, t-PA, EGF, various hormones, etc. The thus modified protein has minimized antigenicity, prolonged plasma half life, or improved transfer to tissue. A novel process for preparing high purity pol ...

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Polypropylene compositions having valued plasto-elastic properties, in the form of spheroidal flowable particles with an average diameter included between 500 and 7000 um having the following composition: A) 10-60 parts by weight of homopolymer polypropylene with isotactic index greater than 90, or ...

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Carboxylic acid esters are produced from the corresponding C2 to C12 carboxylic acids or anhydrides by hydrogenation at elevated temperature, in the presence of a catalyst comprising (a) an alloy of a Group VIII noble metal and (b) an oxide of a Group IVb element, preferably titania. A preferred cat ...

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The mould has one or more block moulding cavities, at least some of which incorporate a movable element (3) having a textured surface, forming one face of the mould cavity. The element is linearly or pivotally movable by a means (5) between a first advanced position in which the textured surface eng ...

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Remote tax or toll system for vehicles (2), making use of fixed interrogation stations (1) located above or at the side of the traffic lanes and of receiver/responder devices (4) called transponders, mounted on board the vehicles. Each fixed station (1) comprises a signal transmission and reception ...

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Ein oberflächenmontierbares Opto-Bauelement soll flexibel eingesetzt werden können. Das Opto-Bauelement besitzt wenigstens einen Grundkörper (1), der mit Hilfe einer Bestückvorrichtung automatisch bestückbar ist und mindestens einen optischen Sender und/ oder Empfänger (8) enthält. Das Opto-Baueleme ...