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A shopping cart display system includes a cart mounted display that is responsive to trigger signals provided by transmitters associated with a particular location. When the display receives a unique trigger signal, it displays advertising media associated with that location. In one embodiment, the ...

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A method for modifying the solid surface to improve its biocompatibility is disclosed. The method employs molecules of a biocompatible agent and a chemical linking moiety possessing a photochemically reactive group capable upon activation of covalently bonding to the solid surface and possessing a d ...

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A method and apparatus for computer translation between a natural language, such as English, and a second language, such as the command language of a computer operating system, a job control language, a robot control language, a numerical control machine program language or subset of another natural ...

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A new class of nucleoside phosphoramidites which are relatively stable to permit isolation thereof and storage at room temperature. The phosphoramidites are derivatives of saturated secondary amines.

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A moisture sensing assembly, adapted for mounting on the inner surface of a vehicle window or windshield to control vehicle accessories such as windshield wipers, maximizes the window are a being sensed while minimizing the size of the overall assembly. In the preferred embodiment, moisture on the o ...

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A disposable syringe includes first and second housing elements which are coupled together for rotation without axial movement therebetween. The first housing element receives a cartridge of a solution to be injected, and mounts a liquid outlet needle at its front end. A piston rod is disposed in th ...

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In a collaborative system in which a body of shared data may be accessed by more than one user, a small-scale representation of the body of shared data displayed to one user includes an indication of the activities of other users. A user that is not viewing the shared data at full scale can thus obt ...

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A cardiac sling for supporting the heart during surgery a support a polymeric film net of interconnecting ribs of polymeric material for applying, in use, sufficient pressure to the portions of the surface of the heart adjacent the ribs to prevent hemorrhage from the anastomotic site of bypass graft ...

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A compact backlighting luminaire is provided for liquid crystal displays (LCDs). The body of the luminaire is formed of optically clear glass or acrylic resins. The body comprises a mesa extending from a base comprising a flange extending around the periphery of the mesa. The top of the mesa compris ...

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A commerical/entertainment network provides interactive communications for patrons and comprises: a plurality of theaters; a plurality of node/filters, connected in tiers; and, a remote broadcast center. Patrons at respective communication positions in the theaters may individually and successively ...