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The process for measuring the glucose content of glucose-containing liquid media, in particular, for the in vivo measurement of the glucose content of blood, is based on the principle of a catalytic reaction in immobilized glucose oxidase in the area of the working electrode (5) of an electro-chemic ...

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A composite yarn (10) possessing a nonabsorbable, elastic core yarn component (12) and an absorbable, relatively inelastic sheath yarn component (14) is employed in the manufacture of a porous tubular prosthesis (40) useful, e.g. in vascular reconstruction.

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A method of manufacturing a polarisation filter, in which a mixture (2) of a liquid crystalline diacrylate monomer or dimethacrylate monomer and a dichroic colorant is provided on a substrate (1), oriented and polymerised by exposing it to radiation, as well as a polarisation filter which is manufac ...

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Discrete identification data is registered in a card-type information medium, and stored in advance in a host computer connected with a reader/writer of said medium, for processing data in accordance with an object of said medium. When the medium is used, the data including said identification data ...

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An apparatus (20) for measuring the thickness of a thin film layer (32) on substrate (28) includes a probe beam of radiation (24) focused substantially normal to the surface of the sample using a high numerical aperture lens (30). The high numerical aperture lens (30) provides a large spread of angl ...

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An image processing apparatus includes a synthesizing unit for synthesizing a color image and a binary image, a processing unit for performing multigradation processing of the color image and high-resolution processing of the binary image, and a control unit for controlling the processing unit to pr ...

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A moving image signal encoding apparatus comprises a frame decimating circuit for extracting encoded frames from an input moving image signal at specified intervals, a frame interpolating circuit for obtaining an interpolated frame between the encoded frames, and a circuit for obtaining an error for ...

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A hydrogenated block copolymer of no. average mol.wt. 40,000-700,000 is obtd. by hydrogenating a block copolymer (I) or (II) so that at least 80% of the olefinically unsatd. bonds of the block copolymer are hydrogenated. (I) has at least one polymer block A 90 wt.% of which is composed of a vinyl ar ...

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An absorbent article includes a retention portion for storing absorbed liquids, and a distinctive surge management portion. The surge management portion, which has a selected basis weight, is constructed to rapidly uptake and temporarily hold at least three (3) successive surges of liquid directed i ...

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A high efficiency leucocyte-depletion filter for use with packed red cell concentrate derived from freshly drawn blood comprises a fibrous filter medium with a pore size of from 0.5 to less than 4 mu m and a CWST of from 55 to 80. The filter is preferably used in conjunction with a gel prefilter and ...