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A wound dressing includes a cover membrane comprising a semi-permeable material with an adhesive-coated skin contact surface. An opening is formed in an interior portion of the membrane. An intermediate layer of material may be placed between the wound and the membrane contact surface for either abs ...

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A method and apparatus for the fixation of osteoporotic bones and especially vertebral body compression fractures, Colles' fractures and fractures of the proximal humerus. The method of the present invention includes a series of steps including penetrating the bone having the fracture with a guide p ...

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The electrode array is a device for making multiple electrical contacts with cellular tissue or organs. The electrode array includes a base (1), a two dimensional array of conducting protuberances (2) arising from the base and serving as electrodes, and conductors (3) embedded onto the base and conn ...

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A device to be used as a vascular stent comprising a cylindrical open-ended wire component made of a low memory metal such as copper alloy, titanium, or gold, providing a radial support from within a blood vessel after implantation therein. The coronary stent is characterized by its ability to be ex ...

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There is provided a catheter composed of a main body fitted with a shape memory alloy member and having a liquid injection means to supply warming liquid to have said member recover the original shape thereof.

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Enzyme electrodes are disclosed which are capable of responding amperometrically to the catalytic activity of the enzyme in the presence of its respective substrate and comprising the enzyme immobilized or adsorbed onto the surface of an electrically conductive support member which consists of or co ...

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A vascular filter for capturing blood clots in the vascular system of a patient. The filter is adapted for removable installation through an entry site, and comprises a wire member, plus a filter member permanently attached to one end of the wire member. The filter member comprises a plurality of se ...

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An image processing method operates on an image from a ccd camera viewing a roadway scene in front of a vehicle to detect lane markers and determine the relationship of the vehicle to the lane. Obstacles in the lane near the vehicle are detected and a warning is given to the driver. The method uses ...

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An invertible, hand-held, electronic game apparatus having a manually engageable housing, a display screen mounting in the housing, an electronic circuit electrically connected to drive the display screen, and a control switch assembly mounted for manipulation by at least one hand of the player whil ...

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A high frequency AC electro-surgery apparatus is equipped with an automatic regulation loop for controlling the output voltage (U.sub.a) rather than the output power. An electrically isolating coupling in the form of an isolation transformer (5) is followed by a voltage converter (6) to provide DC v ...