Marc Lanoiselee
Lanoiselee Marc: Apparatus for the extraction of recursive digital information having a specific structure, from a television signal.. France Etat, France Etat, November 9, 1990: FR2646744-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The device, usable in particular to extract the line synchronisation from a MAC packet signal, comprises first means (10) for acquiring bursts and for generating a pulse coinciding with the end of the burst, by line comparison between the current characteristics of the signal and certain at least of ...

Krueger Manfred, Graf Richard: Reservoir and metering device for storing washing or rinsing products capable of being pumped. Bosch Siemens Hausgeraete, November 9, 1990: FR2646674-A3 (85 worldwide citation)

Device comprising a main framework 5 including a lower plate 6, feet 7, a back wall 8 and side walls 9, produced to receive the storage reservoirs and metering devices. The depth T of the main framework 5 is reduced, with respect to the associated washing machine or dishwasher, by a value at least e ...

(live) In a treetop for fixed-location hunting. Lefevre Francois, November 9, 1990: FR2646588-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a system for a practical way of hoisting a live lure or artificial decoy which is hinged or static, to treetops in order to attract other birds. It consists of a wire-shaped element 1 on which a set of rods 2 is hoisted, supporting a mobile board 7 including live lure. The r ...

Fabre Pierre, Dubois Jacques: Composition for external use based on sucralfate and process for preparing it. Pf Medicament, November 9, 1990: FR2646604-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a composition for external use endowed with anti-inflammatory and cicatrising properties, which comprises as active principle an effective amount of sucralfate in aqueous solution acidified to a pH value in the vicinity of 4.5.

Device for loading and unloading boxes with flat objects such as postal envelopes. Mainnette Jean Marc, Darchis Pierre, November 9, 1990: FR2646620-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

Device for loading and unloading a box with flat objects such as postal envelopes packed into the box, the base of the box comprising openings distributed in its surface for push members to pass through and lift or lower the batch of envelopes en bloc in order to extract it from or place it in the b ...

Automatic anti-theft device for all vehicles. Ferroud Plattet Jacques, November 9, 1990: FR2646642-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an automatic anti-theft device applicable to all vehicles. It is composed of: - a keyboard 1; - a coded remote control 15; - an electronic ignition distributor with a coded chip 4; - an electronic solenoid valve with a coded chip 31A; - an electronic electromagnet with a cod ...

Rucksack including at least two distinct compartments, one of which is a back compartment and one a lower compartment. Gauthier Gilles, November 9, 1990: FR2646594-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

Rucksack including two distinct compartments 1, 4, one of which is a back compartment 1 equipped with shoulder straps 2, 3 and one a lower compartment 4. There are two shells which are preferably semi-rigid. These shells can be separated by means of complementary bases 20, 21, which are plane and ri ...

Fitzpatrick Roger Sean: Dispositif pour stabiliser la tete dun homme portant un casque. Smiths, November 9, 1990: FR2646592-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

L'invention concerne un dispositif pour stabiliser la tête et le casque d'un homme subissant de fortes accélérations.

Boufflers Gilbert, Mace Martial: Device for manually locking a closure element. Cantin Coulaud Ste Nle, November 9, 1990: FR2646683-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

The device 1 includes a handle 9 articulated to the supporting structure 4, urged by a spring 12 in the direction F1 of the opening, which entrains a catch 6 penetrating into a keeper 8 when the handle 9 is in the closed position. A pawl 16 is articulated to the handle 9 about a pin 17 and urged by ...

Torres Ghislaine, Wajs Georges: Mouldable silicone elastomer suitable for the manufacture of contact lenses. Essilor Int, November 9, 1990: FR2646672-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

The mouldable silicone elastomer is obtained by crosslinking an epoxidised (epoxide-containing) silicone composition comprising: - an organopolysiloxane constituent A comprising at least one fluid diorganopolysiloxane A1 carrying at least two Si-vinyl groups per molecule and at least one functional ...