Marc Lanoiselee
Lanoiselee Marc: Apparatus for the extraction of recursive digital information having a specific structure, from a television signal.. France Etat, Telediffusion Fse, November 7, 1990: EP0396469-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The device, usable in particular to extract the line synchronisation from a MAC packet signal, comprises first means (10) for acquiring bursts and for generating a pulse coinciding with the end of the burst, by line comparison between the current characteristics of the signal and certain at least of ...

Rosenblum Michael G, Wellen Clyde William: A novel antibody delivery system for biological response modifiers.. Res Dev Foundation, November 7, 1990: EP0396387-A2 (157 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a novel conjugate of an antibody with a biological response modifiers; delivery system which delivers biological response modifiers to target tissues and cells. The present invention also provides a method for treating diseases by administering antibody-biological resp ...

Cohn Daniel, Yitzchaiek Shlomo, Bilenkis Sophie: Polyurethane-based polymeric materials and biomedical articles and pharmaceutical compositions utilizing the same.. Yissum Res Dev Co, November 7, 1990: EP0396429-A2 (143 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a polyurethane amide segmented copolymer selected from: a) a segmented block polyurethane amide (PEUAm) of the following repeating unit [I] wherein R is hexamethylene, 4,4 min -diphenylmethane, toluene, naphthalene, 4,4 min -dicyclohexylmethane, cyclohexyl, 3,3 min -dimethylph ...

Davis Mervyn Howard, Proudfoot Gary, Bayliss Keith Howard: Plasma apparatus electrode assembly. Nordiko, Atomic Energy Authority, November 7, 1990: GB2231197-A (141 worldwide citation)

An electrode assembly for use in a plasma processing apparatus, e.g. for reactive dry etching or plasma deposition, comprises a primary electrode 13 with a conductive wall defining a plasma chamber 5 which is open at both ends and has an inlet 9 for gas, an insulator at one end of the plasma chamber ...

Healy Daniel, Egan James: Coin- or credit-freed amusement machine. Cork Amusement Centre, November 7, 1990: GB2231189-A (113 worldwide citation)

A coin-freed amusement or gaming machine has a display screen upon which an image of one or more footballers (9) can be displayed, with a football that they are playing with being blanked out. A player may operate controls to locate a marker on a point (11) or area of the screen where he thinks the ...

Oota Yoshinori, Okada Takao, Mimura Yoshiyuki, Yamada Hidetoshi, Mihara Takashi, Isono Yasuo, Morimoto Masamichi: Memory cell and multidimensinal memory device constituted by arranging the memory cells.. Olympus Optical Co, November 7, 1990: EP0395886-A2 (71 worldwide citation)

A memory cell (10) includes a nonlinear conductivity element (12) constituted by an insulating layer (16; 56; 102) and conductor layers (18a, 18b; 86c, 100) opposite to each other to sandwich the insulating layer (16; 56; 102), and a charge holding element (Ca) which has charge holding characteristi ...

Pocock Terrence H, Mcnorgan Rick, Coumans Peter, Lodberg Allan: Television system for the interactive distribution of selectable video presentations.. Cableshare, November 7, 1990: EP0396062-A2 (64 worldwide citation)

A method for selectively distributing video presentations via a television network from a central location to individual remote terminals, comprising the steps of: initiating a telephone call from one of said remote terminals to establish a telephone line connection with said central location; upon ...

Piwinski John J, Green Michael J, Wong Jesse: Heterocyclic n-oxide derivatives of substituted benzo[5,6]cycloheptapyridines, compositions and methods of use.. Schering, November 7, 1990: EP0396083-A1 (51 worldwide citation)

Heterocyclic N-oxide derivatives of substituted benzo[5,6]cycloheptapyridines, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts and solvates thereof are disclosed, which possess anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory activity. Methods for preparing and using the compounds are also described.

Maat Jan, Roza Martinus: Bread improvers.. Unilever, Unilever, November 7, 1990: EP0396162-A1 (45 worldwide citation)

Cellulase bread improvers e.g., xylanase include an oxidase or peroxidase. The mixture may be incorporated in flour as an additive to dough for bread or other baked dough products e.g. puff pastry.

Yonemitsu Jun C O Sony Corpora, Yagasaki Yoichi C O Sony Corpo: Recording/reproducing compressed data on a rotatable record medium.. Sony, November 7, 1990: EP0396285-A2 (43 worldwide citation)

Image data is recorded in successive turns on a rotatable record medium driven at substantially constant linear velocity by converting a first of successive image frames of image data to an intraframe code signal, converting the (n-1) next-following frames to (n-1) interframe code signals, and recor ...