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A novel suture anchor comprising (a) a coupling member having a first end portion and a reduced second end portion, and a shoulder formed at the junction of the first end portion and the reduced second end portion, (b) at least one barb, the barb having a first end and a second end and being curved ...

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A urethral inserted applicator for prostate hyperthermia includes a multi-tube, balloon type catheter. The catheter includes first and second closed end fluid dry tubes, respectively, for a helical coil antenna type applicator, and a microwave type temperature sensor for measuring the temperature of ...

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An apparatus for issuing a transaction card comprises a value receiving mechanism in the form of a card reader or a bank note acceptor or both. The apparatus includes a memory for storing the exchange rate for a plurality of currencies as compared to a local visitor's voucher which can be issued by ...

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Data is embedded in a video signal by adding a low level wavefrom to the video signal, the low level wave form having a level below the noise level of the video signal and corresponding to the data. To detect the data embedded in the video signal the video signal is correlated with the low level wav ...

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A method of permanently surgically treating glaucoma is disclosed together with an apparatus for effecting such treatment. In accordance with the method, an implant is disposed at a filtration site through the sclera the implant including a through going aperture leading from the anterior chamber to ...

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Surgical material of resorbable polymer, copolymer, or polymer mixture containing at least partially fibrillated structural units, and use thereof.


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The VideoHarp is an optical-scanning device for sensing and tracking the movement of multiple fingers which is then used to control the generation of light or sound or to control the motion of other physical objects. Preferably, the VideoHarp detects the images of a performer's fingertips using a si ...

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A disposable diaper which has a liquid impervious back sheet (30) to which absorbent padding (38) is attached each having a passage therethrough with a cover (64) enclosing this hole (32) in the back sheet. A pull through insert (42) is juxtapositioned on the padding and a bag (66) is attached to th ...

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Amplification of the HER-2/neu oncogene is related to the status of neoplastic diseases, particularly breast and ovarian adenocarcinomas. The presence of multiple gene copies in tumor cells indicates that the disease is more likely to spread beyond the primary tumor site, and that the disease theref ...