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A proteinase inhibitory compound represented by the following general formula (1): wherein R1 represents a straight-chain or branched acyl group having 2 to 10 carbon atoms, a branched-, cyclic- or polycyclic-alkyloxycarbonyl group having 4 to 15 carbon atoms, a substituted- or unsubstituted-benzylo ...

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A variable pitch tab leadframe assembly (103) has a plurality of patterned conductive elements (107) for transmitting input and output signals to bonding locations on an electronic device. The leadframe assembly comprises conductive elements with a variable pitch to accommodate a plurality of standa ...

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The present invention relates to the use of known peptide renin inhibitors as antiviral agents in human and veterinary medicine.

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DNA sequences coding for a TNF-binding protein and for the TNF receptor of which this protein represents the soluble domain. The DNA sequences can be used for the preparation of recombinant DNA molecules for the preparation of TNF-binding protein and TNF receptor. Recombinant TNF-binding protein is ...

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A modular auxiliary switch (100) comprises a mechanism (18) for controlling at least one interruptor (16) with inverting contacts (32, 34, 36), and a manual test device (70) intended to check the operation of the elements inserted into the auxiliary electrical circuit, without change of state of the ...

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A technique for use in a public key exchange cryptographic system, in which two user devices establish a common session key by exchanging information over an insecure communication channel, and in which each user can authenticate the identity of the other, without the need for a key distribution cen ...

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In this turn-lock fastener for a sports shoe according to the invention, a pull-cable arrangement, which pulls together the shoe- closing flaps, can be wound onto and unwound from a rotary cable pulley. The pull-cable arrangement consists in this connection of a single pull-cable, and a stop element ...

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Methods of and apparatus for processing television signals wherein the television signals include image-representative information and a plurality of segments of accompanying supplementary information including VPS program identification information and a teletext listing including program title inf ...


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Pharmaceutical formulations for the parenteral administration of 1-isobutyl-1H-imidazo[4,5-c]quinolin-4-amine or 1-(2-hydroxy-2-methylpropyl)-1-H-imidazo[4,5-c] quinolin-4-amine are described.