Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate
Mullin John Brian, Cole Hamilton David John, Shenai Khatkhate Deodatta Vina, Webb Paul: Method for preparation of dialkyl tellurium and dialkyl selenium.. Secr Defence Brit, October 17, 1990: EP0391955-A1

A method for preparing tellurium and selenium dialkyls in a substantially pure state which comprises reacting the Group VI element or the Group IV halide thereof with a Group I metal alkyl within a solvent selected from C4-C10 aliphatic ether and which also may optionally contain liquid alkane, the ...

Vasconcelos Golson S, Santangelo John A: Multi-position latching mechanism for forceps.. Codman & Shurtleff, October 17, 1990: EP0392547-A1 (434 worldwide citation)

A latching mechanism for forceps (10) including first latch portion (30) on one forcep handle (16) and a second latch portion (60) on the other forceps handle (22) and a bias spring (23,80,82) for placing the handles (16,22), and thus the jaws (14,20), in a first predetermined spacing. The first lat ...

Harari Eliyahou, Norman Robert D, Mehrotra Sanjay: Flash eeprom system.. Sundisk, October 17, 1990: EP0392895-A2 (286 worldwide citation)

A system of Flash EEprom memory chips with controlling circuits serves as non-volatile memory such as that provided by magnetic disk drives. Improvements include selective multiple sector erase, in which any combinations of Flash sectors may be erased together. Selective sectors among the selected c ...

Drmanac Radoje T, Crkvenjakov Radomir B: Process for determination of a complete or a partial contents of very short sequences in the samples of nucleic acids connected to the discrete particles of microscopic size by hybridization with oligonucleotide probes.. Ro Inst Za Molekularnu Genetik, October 17, 1990: EP0392546-A2 (261 worldwide citation)

Determination of the formula of genomic DNA, i.e. genome sequencing, by a hybridization with oligonucleotide probes (YU Patent Application 570/87) envisages the use of 100000 oligonucleotide probes and the same number of hybridizations with 6000000 of addressed sample-clones on filters in order to d ...

Ryals John A Dr, Alexander Danny C, Goodman Robert M, Meins Frederick Prof, Payne George B, Stinson Jeffrey R, Neuhaus Jean Marc Dr, Moyer Mary B, Ward Eric Russell, Williams Shericca Cherrer: Disease-resistant transgenic plants.. Ciba-Geigy, October 17, 1990: EP0392225-A2 (126 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to chimeric DNA constructs useful for producing transgenic disease-resistant plants and to genetic engineering of plants to produce the phenotype of disease resistance. In particular it relates to constitutive expression in transgenic plants of DNA sequences which encod ...

Lee Michael Thomas: Gaming and amusement machines. Bell Fruit Mfg, October 17, 1990: GB2230373-A (121 worldwide citation)

A gaming machine, particularly a fruit machine is operated to provide a combination of symbols. Certain combinations of symbols result in the award of a credit which is stored in a credit meter (6). A predetermined number of credits accumulated over a number of games may be exchanged for a special f ...

Narr Berthold Dr Dipl Chem, Bomhard Andreas Dr Dipl Chem, Hauel Norbert Dr Dipl Chem, Van Meel Jacques Dr, Wienen Wolfgang Dr Dipl Biol, Entzeroth Michael Dr Dipl Chem: Benzimidazoles, drugs containing these compounds and process for their preparation.. Thomae Dr K, October 17, 1990: EP0392317-A2 (78 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to benzimidazoles of the formula in which R1 to R6 are defined as in claim 1, their 1- and 3-isomer mixtures and their acid addition salts, which have useful properties. The novel compounds are in particular angiotensin II antagonists.

Green David T, Young Wayne P, Bolanos Henry, Geiste Robert J, Ratcliff Keith, Alesi Daniel E: Fascia stapler.. United States Surgical, October 17, 1990: EP0392750-A1 (76 worldwide citation)

The fascia stapler (10) has a pistol-shaped housing (11) from which two-piece clips (56, 74) can be ejected for closing an incision. The retainers (56) for the clips and the straps (74) for the clips are held in respective cartridges within the nose of the housing and can be ejected individually upo ...

Nakamura Makoto, Kodama Tomoko: Quadrature amplitude modulation communication system with transparent error correction.. Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co, October 17, 1990: EP0392538-A2 (59 worldwide citation)

In a multi-level QAM communication system, Reed-Solomon encoders and Reed-Solomon decoders are employed for error correction purposes. The phase ambiguity of the received signal is eliminated with differential coding. The multi level QAM communication system (100) utilizing n bits ("n" being an inte ...

Yamaji Kazutaka C O Idemitsu P, Takase Minoru C O Idemitsu Pet: Analysis apparatus.. Idemitsu Petrochemical Co, October 17, 1990: EP0392475-A2 (59 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an analysis apparatus for testing blood and other samples by a quantative analysis and a qualitative analysis, in which samples are developed on sample development surfaces (5) of a rotatable disk (1) by a centrifugal force due to a rotation of the disk, the developed samples are scanne ...