Charles D Ray, Eugene A Dickhudt: V-thread fusion cage and method of fusing a bone joint. Surgical Dynamics, Fliesler Dubb Meyer & Lovejoy, October 9, 1990: US04961740 (709 worldwide citation)

A fusion cage 10 includes a cage body defining an internal cavity with an inner surface and an outer surface. The outer surface defines a helical thread 12 comprised of a plurality of turns which define valleys 14 therebetween. Located in the valleys 14 are perforations 13 which provide communicatio ...

John O Hayhurst: Suture knotting instrument. October 9, 1990: US04961741 (212 worldwide citation)

A suturing device (20) having a leading member (22) and a trailing member (24) for forming a double knot. The leading member (22) functions to slide a first knot (26) that is formed in the sutures (30, 32) against the surface (34) of tissue (40). A finger (60) is formed in the leading member (24) to ...

Vincent L Vaillancourt: Catheter insertion assembly. October 9, 1990: US04961729 (196 worldwide citation)

The catheter insertion assembly employs an aperture in the wall of the needle near the distal and to communicate with an annular flashback chamber between the needle and the surrounding catheter or a surrounding dilator. The needle may be hollow throughout for passage of a guide wire or may be plugg ...

Deborah A Eppstein, Brian B Schryver: Controlled release of macromolecular polypeptides. Syntex, Lester E Johnson, Tom M Moran, Alan M Krubiner, October 9, 1990: US04962091 (195 worldwide citation)

An active agent delivery system for the controlled administration of macromolecular polypeptides which comprises a micro-suspension of water-soluble components in a polylactide matrix.

Robert A Mackin: Angioplasty catheter with illumination and visualization within angioplasty balloon. Cahill Sutton & Thomas, October 9, 1990: US04961738 (183 worldwide citation)

An angioplasty catheter includes a light source and eyepiece connected by a cable to a proximal portion of a stiff inner catheter of the angioplasty catheter. A plurality of optical fibers carrying light from the light source are attached to or embedded in the stiff inner catheter and terminate just ...

J Alexander Marchosky, Christopher J Moran, Neal E Fearnot: Method and apparatus for volumetric interstitial conductive hyperthermia. William F Bahret, Richard J Godlewski, October 9, 1990: US04961422 (182 worldwide citation)

A system and method for producing volumetric conductive hyperthermia for the treatment of a cancerous tumor in a patient. The location and volume of the tumor are determined with the aid of a CT scanning system, and an array of probes each containing a heat-emitting element is formed by interstitial ...

William Pong Jr, Joseph F Engelberger, John M Evans Jr, William S Kazman: Autonomous vehicle for working on a surface and method of controlling same. Transitions Research Corporation, Kramer Brufsky & Cifelli, October 9, 1990: US04962453 (178 worldwide citation)

A means and method for control of an autonomous vehicle while working on a surface, specifically for operation of an automatic floor cleaning machine using power derived from line power through a wall plug and cord. The vehicle uses information derived from contact between bumpers and objects in the ...

John W Byrne: Method for reduction of nitrogen oxides with ammonia using promoted zeolite catalysts. Engelhard Corporation, October 9, 1990: US04961917 (174 worldwide citation)

A method in accordance with the invention comprises passing through a zeolite catalyst as described below, a gaseous stream containing nitrogen oxides, ammonia and oxygen to selectively catalyze the reduction of nitrogen oxides and, if excess or unreacted ammonia is present, to oxidize the excess of ...

David M Teller, Richard Sheryll, Lance Ong: Inventory control system. Viac, Amster Rothstein & Ebenstein, October 9, 1990: US04961533 (172 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for automatically determining the weight of a plurality of articles, each of the articles having a surface portion with a unique element thereon, comprises a plurality of assemblies and a computer. Each assembly includes a surface for supporting an article, a transducer in operative contac ...

Irene H Hernandez, Rex A McCaskill: Method for generating a document utilizing a plurality of windows associated with different data objects. International Business Machines Corporation, James H Barksdale Jr, H St Julian, Casimer K Salys, October 9, 1990: US04962475 (161 worldwide citation)

A method for tailoring a master document to obtain a special document. The master document is made up of data objects and portions of the data objects. Included in the portions are pointers to corresponding data objects. The portions are windowed and displayed. Selection of a window will result in a ...

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