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An erasable programmable read-only memory with NAND cell structure is disclosed which has memory cells provided on a N type substrate. The memory cells are divided into NAND cell blocks each of which has a series array of memory cell transistors. Each of the transistors has a floating gate, a contro ...

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This invention concerns novel, delayed/sustained release devices and compositions, including methods of their manufacture and use. The compositions include macromolecules, particularly polypeptide pharmaceuticals, and an initially partially-hydrated, non-biodegradable, hydrogel rate-limiting membran ...

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A biopsy needle instrument has selectable locking means to permit or prevent the projection of a cannula and a stylet and separate loading members allowing the cannula and stylet to be loaded separately and yet fired sequentially using a single button. Another embodiment of the invention permits the ...

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Muteins of biologically active proteins such as IFN-.beta. and IL-2 in which cysteine residues that are not essential to biological activity have been deleted or replaced with other amino acids to eliminate sites for intermolecular crosslinking or incorrect intramolecular disulfide bridge formation. ...

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A method for producing site-specific recombination of DNA in eukaryotic cells at regions designated lox sites is disclosed.

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A voice operated switch employs digital signal processing techniques to examine audio signal frames having harmonic content to identify voiced phonemes and to determined whether the signal frame contains primarily speech or noise. The method and apparatus employ a multiple-stage, delayed-decision ad ...