Vogliano German: Breathing protection mask.. Auergesellschaft, September 12, 1990: EP0386605-A1 (109 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a breathing protection mask (1) consisting of a strapless mask body (2) with mask window surround (3) and window (4). This strapless breathing protection mask is worn in conjunction with a protection helmet, the breathing protection mask being insertably fastened to the prot ...

Andersson Jan Anders Roland, Nilsson Nils Goeran, Fagerstroem Per Olof Stefan, Wendel Thomas Mikael: Device in connection with an inhaler.. Draco, September 12, 1990: EP0387222-A1 (82 worldwide citation)

The present invention refers to a device in connection with an inhaler intended for measuring and recording the course of inhalation of a patient. The device is intended for use in medication, e.g. in clinical tests, where there is a need of afterwards being able to control if the patient has taken ...

Deluca Hector F, Schnoes Heinrich K, Perlman Kato L, Sicinski Rafal R, Prahl Jean Martin: 19-nor vitamin d compounds.. Wisconsin Alumni Res Found, September 12, 1990: EP0387077-A1 (79 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a novel class of vitamin D-related compounds, namely the 1 alpha -hydroxy-19-nor-vitamin D analogs, as well as a general method for their chemical synthesis. The compounds exhibit pronounced activity in arresting the proliferation of undifferentiated cells, including malignan ...

Bosley Rodney Wayne, Foster Thomas Lee, Thomson Paul Guy: Echogenic devices.. Vance Products, September 12, 1990: EP0386936-A1 (74 worldwide citation)

An echogenic medical devices adapted to be inserted into a patient, comprises an elongated member (123, 901, 1003) including a material (127, 1002) having an acoustic impedance different from that of the surrounding medium. For enhancing an image produced in response to a sonic beam produced from im ...

Haindl Hans Guenter Dr: Catheter.. Braun Melsungen, September 12, 1990: EP0386408-A1 (67 worldwide citation)

In a catheter (10), two lumina (13, 14) lying alongside one another in a catheter tube (11) are separated from one another by a longitudinally extending septum (12). In this case, the first lumen (13) has at the tip of the catheter tube (11) an end opening (20) (expulsion opening), and axially conse ...

Gibson Mark, Taylor Peter Mark, Payne Nicholas Ian, Gould Philip Leon: Pharmaceutical compositions useful as drug delivery vehicles and/or as wound dressings.. American Cyanamid Co, September 12, 1990: EP0386960-A2 (59 worldwide citation)

There is provided a pharmaceutical composition which comprises an aqueous vehicle, a compound having reversible thermosetting gel properties and a compound having film-forming properties. Depending on the relative proportions of these components, the composition can be adapted to function either as ...

Mueller Heinz, Herold Claus Peter Dr, Von Tapavicza Stephan, Neuss Michael Dr, Zoellner Wolfgang, Burbach Frank: Esters of medium chain size carboxylie acids as components of the oil phase of invert emulsion drilling fluids.. Henkel Kgaa, September 12, 1990: EP0386636-A1 (51 worldwide citation)

The invention describes the use of esters, which are fluid at room temperature and have flashpoints above 80 DEG C, selected from monocarboxylic acids or synthetic and/or natural origin with 6 to 11 C atoms and monofunctional and/or multifunctional alcohols as the oil phase or a component thereof in ...

Lingle Philip J, Nalepka Raymond: Heat treatable sputter-coated glass.. Guardian, September 12, 1990: EP0386993-A1 (40 worldwide citation)

A heat treatable sputter-coated glass having on its glass substrate (1) a coating system consisting essentially of a high nickel alloy (B) overcoat with tin oxide (A) and, optionally, undercoated with tin oxide (C) with, or without, a layer of metallic aluminum (D) located between the high nickel al ...

Shiokawa Kozo, Tsuboi Shinichi, Moriya Koichi, Hattori Yumi, Honda Ikuro, Shibuya Katsuhiko: Heterocyclic compounds.. Nihon Tokushu Noyaku Seizo, September 12, 1990: EP0386565-A1 (37 worldwide citation)

Novel heterocyclic compounds of the formula (I) wherein A, R, E, Z, X and Y have the meanings as defined in the patent application and the use of the new compounds as insecticides.