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Device and method for heating tissue, the device having a catheter shaft for insertion into a patient's body, a chamber formed by a collapsible balloon mounted on the catheter shaft and filled with an electrically conductive fluid, two or more electrical contacts enclosed within the chamber, a power ...

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A deflectable beam spatial light modulator formed from a structure of a reflecting layer, typically metal, on a spacer layer, typically photoresist, which in turn is on a substrate containing electronic addressing circuitry is disclosed. Also, the method of fabrication including a plasma etch after ...

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An improved surgical stapling apparatus containing a locking mechanism to prevent reactuation of the apparatus, the locking mechanism comprising a resilient clip having a hook which is engagable with a locking notch on the cam bar retainer. The resilient clip is initially held in a non-engagable pos ...

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The metallic intervertebral prosthesis is formed of a kidney-shaped body having fishplates extending upwardly and downwardly from the body. Each fishplate has an opening for passage of a bone screw in order to secure the prosthesis to and between adjacent vertebrae. The body is tapered conically fro ...

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This invention relates to a method for preparation of a tissue graft composition from a segment of small intestine. A tissue graft composition is described which comprises the tunica submucosa of a segment of small intestine of a warm-blooded vertebrate wherein the tunica submucosa is deliminated fr ...

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A control for a moisture sensing assembly, adapted for mounting on the inner surface of a vehicle window or windshield to control vehicle accessories such as windshield wipers, maximizes the window area being sensed in relationship to the size of the assembly and provides immunity to interference fr ...

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A device for increasing the density of integrated circuit chips on a printed circuit board. A plurality of integrated circuits are packaged within chip carriers and stacked, on one top of the other, on a printed circuit board. Each of the input/output data terminals, power and ground terminals of th ...

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A pulse oximeter apparatus characterized in that it comprises a bandpass filter adapted selectively to exclude motion artefact from wanted signal is disclosed.

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A dual access infusion or monitoring system comprises implantable apparatus and an injection needle. This system enables one to introduce into or withdraw from the apparatus, after it is implanted, a plurality of fluids simultaneously with only a single penetration of the patient's skin. The implant ...

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A longitudinally compliant PTFE graft is provided by compressing at least a portion of a porous PTFE tube along its longitudinal axis and coating at least the outer wall of the compressed portion of the PTFE tube with a biocompatible elastomer for allowing the compressed portion of the tube to be st ...