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A blood glucose monitoring system includes a generally planar disposable adhesive patch having a needle type glucose sensor and a second electrode mounted thereon, as well as first and second electrode connectors projecting from an upper surface of the patch and being in electrical connection with t ...

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A prosthesis for transluminal implantation comprising a flexible tubular body which has a diameter that is variable by axial movement of the ends of the body relative to each other and which is composed of several individual rigid but flexible thread elements each of which extends in helix configura ...

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An endermic application kit for external medicines comprises a container for retaining liquid containing drug, a device for supplying the liquid containing drug into the container, a drug permeable layer attached to the container to cover a bottom opening of the container, and an ultrasonic oscillat ...

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An electrostatically deflectable plate spatial light modulator with light reflecting plates (106) composed of aluminum alloy and with symmetrically located supporting hinges (108) connecting the plates (106) to support posts (104); this provides a thick stiff plate and a thin compliant hinges with d ...

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A vehicle compass includes a magnetic field sensor for mounting within a vehicle and providing two output channels of information representing orthogonal direction sensing of the earth's magnetic field within the vehicle. The sensor is coupled to an electrical circuit including a microprocessor for ...

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A method of terminating ventricular fibrillation by the delivery of an asymmetric biphasic current pulse to three separate electrodes. A first catheter mounted electrode is located in the apex of the right ventricle (RV). A second electrode carried on the same catheter is located outside the atrium ...

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This invention relates to a new synthetic porous crystalline material, a method for its preparation and use thereof in catalytic conversion of organic compounds. The new crystalline material exhibits a distinctive X-ray diffraction pattern and unusually large equilibrium adsorption capacities.

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A process for flushing clots from an intravascular probe including the steps of positioning a catheter assembly in a blood vessel and then delivering a flushant through the catheter and past the probe at two rates. The flushant is first delivered at a continual rate to maintain the catheter substant ...

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A method for continuously supplying a uniform vapor of a polymerizable and/or cross-linkable material. A continuous liquid flow of said material is supplied at a temperature below both the decomposition temperature and the polymerization temperature of said material and atomized into a continuous fl ...

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A pressure monitoring guidewire and method of using the same for a coronary procedure such as angioplasty, angiography, or valvuloplasty. The guidewire has a main tubular member and a more flexible tubular extension with one or more pressure monitoring ports on the distal end thereof. The distal end ...