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The invention pertains to a single polypeptide chain binding molecule which has binding specificity and affinity substantially similar to the binding specificity and affinity of the light and heavy chain aggregate variable region of an antibody, to genetic sequences coding therefor, and to recombina ...

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An automated order and payment system for use by consumers to rapidly order products and services from any location at which the consumer is present at the time of ordering. The system receives information about the products/services to be ordered by means of signals generated by scanning identifica ...

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A pedicle screw (1) for use in the monosegmental or multisegmental stabilization of the spinal column comprises a thread and a receiver portion. In order to facilitate the mounting and to reduce the stress of the screw and the threaded rods for connection therewith, a threaded shaft part (2) and a r ...

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A new and improved suture anchor of the sort adapted to anchor an intermediate portion of a piece of conventional suture in bone, and a new and improved installation tool for deploying the same, said installation tool being adapted to releasably hold at least one curved needle which is attached to s ...

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An artificial intervertebral disc comprises a pair of end bodies which are provided, on their outer surfaces, with apatite layers. The disc includes a medical synthetic polymeric intermediate which is held between the end bodies through connecting members.

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The invention is a method of forming a substantially planar surface on a monocrystalline silicon carbide crystal by exposing the substantially planar surface to an etching plasma until any surface or subsurface damage caused by any mechanical preparation of the surface is substantially removed. The ...

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Radiofrequency (RF) heating applicator, located at the distal end of a coaxial line catheter, produces deeper and more uniform heat dissipation. The active applicator element is a conductor helix fed via the coaxial line. The applicator has provisions for interception of intracardiac electrogram sig ...

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A pressure-sensitive adhesive fastener having a textured fastening surface so as to have a relatively high shear resistance and a desired peel resistance. The pressure-sensitive adhesive fastener comprises a backing web having bulbous surface aberrations projecting from a first surface of the backin ...

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A catheter for medical or veterinary use is provided which is especially adapted for gentle and pristine introduction into a body cavity or vasculature. The catheter includes an outer and inner tube with a cylindrical membrane connecting distal ends of the two tubes. A fluid may be introduced into a ...

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A coupling is provided for connecting between an electrical conduit and an electrical device for enclosing electrical wires passing therebetween, when the conduit and the device are laterally offset as well as spaced apart from each other. The coupling comprises at least first, second, and third hol ...