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Inert or biologically active particles are propelled at cells at a speed whereby the particles penetrate the surface of the cells and become incorporated into the interior of the cells. The process can be used to mark cells or tissue or to biochemically affect tissues or tissue in situ as well as si ...

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A high speed digital telemetry system (10) includes a transmitter (12) and a receiver (14), at least one of which is adapted for use in an implantable device. The transmitter includes a data encoder (14), modulator (16), transmitting coil (20), and transmitting coil drive circuit (18). The data enco ...

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A surgical instrument for suturing a hernial opening in internal body tissues of a patient comprises an elongate staple cartridge rotatably mounted to an elongate frame at a distal end thereof and an elongate staple forming plate movably mounted to the frame for ejecting a staple from the cartridge ...

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A device for measuring the position (location and orientation), in the six degrees of freedom of receiving antennae (3) with respect to transmitting antennae (2) utilizing pulsed DC magnetic signals. The transmitting and receiving components consist of two or more transmitting antennae of known loca ...

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A device which may be used in the treatment of snoring sickness. An air blower supplies high volume air at slightly greater than atmospheric pressure to a flexible tube (2). Such air is communicated via tube (2) through nose piece (3), further through flexible tube (4) and a restrictive air outlet d ...

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A ligand in a sample can be assayed using electrochemical apparatus containing a working electrode and components comprising:

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A method of and system for identification and verification of TV and/or radio broadcasted program segments involving use of subaudible codes which are mixed with the conventional audio in the program segments. Individual program segments, which may include commercial message segments, have at the be ...

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An atrial rate based programmable pacemaker including means for preventing the heart from being paced at an upper rate limit for prolonged periods of time is disclosed which paces the heart at a rate that follows or tracks the atrial rate up to the upper rate limit of the pacemaker, at which point t ...

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A method is disclosed for producing coplanar metal/insulator films on a substrate according to a chem-mech polishing technique. In one example, a substrate having a patterned insulating layer of dielectric material thereon, is coated with a layer of metal. The substrate is then placed in a parallel ...

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A modular knee joint prosthesis using variably sized components for joining a variably resected tibia bone and a femur bone, having a tibial platform defining peripheral edges on its bottom surface for engaging beveled edges of the plates or spacers. The platform has an upraised boss on a top surfac ...