Peter Stasz: Ultrasonically enhanced RF ablation catheter. Everest Medical Corporation, Haugen and Nikolai, June 26, 1990: US04936281 (560 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgical angioplasty catheter with ultrasonic enhancement is described. It comprises an elongated, flexible plastic tubular body having located at its distal tip an electrode structure for effecting rf cutting along with a transducer for ultrasonically driving the rf cutting electrodes and ...

Peter S Walker, Frederick C Ewald: Method of designing and manufacturing a human joint prosthesis. Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, June 26, 1990: US04936862 (485 worldwide citation)

A customized human joint prosthesis replicating the primary contours and dimensions of a patient's bone is designed and manufactured utilizing an average anatomical bone shape. The average anatomical bone shape is generated by digitizing and storing in a computer memory the average three dimensional ...

Patrick L Finelli, Hugh R MacKenzie, William J McCune Jr: Electronic camera system with detachable printer. Polariod Corporation, Edward S Roman, June 26, 1990: US04937676 (429 worldwide citation)

A compact, handheld portable electronic imaging system including both an electronic imaging camera and hard copy printer are separately housed with respect to each other and readily interconnectable with respect to each other for use either in combination or apart. Means for storing electronic image ...

George W Bagby: Implant for vertebrae. Wells St John & Robert, June 26, 1990: US04936848 (387 worldwide citation)

A surgical vertebral implant comprises a hollow rigid sphere having multiple fenestrations or openings leading to an interior cavity within which bone fragments can be positioned during surgery. It is useful in promoting arthrodesis (fusion) or arthroplasty (joint formation) between adjacent spinal ...

Gregory Robert, David Chase, Ronald Schaefer: Software licensing management system. Digital Equipment Corporation, Fish & Richardson, June 26, 1990: US04937863 (368 worldwide citation)

A license management system which includes a license management facility that determines whether usage of a licensed program is within the scope of the license. The license management system maintains a license unit value for each licensed program and a pointer to a table identifying an allocation u ...

John A Ewen, Howard C Welborn Jr: Process and catalyst for producing reactor blend polyolefins. Exxon Research & Engineering Company, M B Kurtzman, June 26, 1990: US04937299 (313 worldwide citation)

Polyolefin reactor blends obtained by polymerization of ethylene and higher alpha-olefins in the presence of a catalyst system comprising two or more metallocenes and alumoxane.

John A Creatura, George R Hsu: Polymer coated carrier particles for electrophotographic developers. Xerox Corporation, E O Pacazzo, June 26, 1990: US04937166 (304 worldwide citation)

A carrier composition comprised of a core with a coating thereover comprised of a mixture of first and second polymers that are not in close proximity thereto in the triboelectric series.

Edward R Adams, Wayne Vandenbrink, Craig M Miller: Mounting assembly for vehicle accessories. Donnelly Corporation, Price Heneveld Cooper DeWitt & Litton, June 26, 1990: US04936533 (273 worldwide citation)

A vehicle accessory mounting assembly is disclosed for securely and stably supporting a rearview mirror or another vehicular accessory on the vehicle windshield or another vehicular surface without the need for an adjustable set screw. The assembly includes a support member slidably received on a ba ...

Marion F Rudy: Load carrying cushioning device with improved barrier material for control of diffusion pumping. R C Bogert, Beehler & Pavitt, June 26, 1990: US04936029 (262 worldwide citation)

A product in the form of a cushioning device made from thermoplastic film containing crystalline material inflated to a relatively high pressure and sealed at the time of manufacture. The product maintains the internal inflatant pressure for long periods of time by employing a form of the diffusion ...

Dennis F Fabian, William C Kim, Rick W Basset, Michael A Jacobs: Modular knee prosthesis. Kirschner Medical Corporation, Frost & Jacobs, June 26, 1990: US04936853 (258 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to an implantable knee joint prosthesis which is designed to replace the engaging surfaces of the femur and tibia of a dysfunctional human knee joint. In its most general form, the invention comprises an implantable knee joint prosthesis having a tibial stem portion, a ...

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