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A hand-held device for monitoring the cardiac rate of a foetus by ultrasonic Doppler measurement of the blood flow is adapted to measure the baseline cardiac rate and variability, the absence of decelerations and the increase following foetal "kicks". Means (9) are provided to allow the operator, e. ...

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An electro-opto-mechanical cable includes at least one thin-wall steel alloy tube (20) containing at least one single mode fiber (15) and a void filling gel (16) to assure the capability for transmitting low-noise optical phase data. A dielectric annulus (25) and an electrically conductive layer (50 ...

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The present invention relates to a method for operating an electromagnetic valve means comprising a valve plunger journalled within a valve body for movement under the influence of an electric current on a drive stroke from a valve closed position to a valve open position, which valve means controls ...

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A modular breaker is formed by the assembly of an auxiliary tripping block (10) to a multipolar breaker unit (12) having a first tap (20). The auxiliary block (10) comprises a command mechanism (22) associated with a second reset tap (24) and with a tripping relay (26), which cooperates with a first ...

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Novel (1H-azol-1-ylmethyl)substituted quinoline, quinazoline or quinoxaline derivatives of formula the pharmaceutical acceptable acid addition salts thereof and the stereochemically isomeric forms thereof, wherein -X=X- is -CH=CH-, -CH=N-, or -N=CH-; R is hydrogen or C1-6alkyl; Y is hydrogen, C1-10a ...

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The container includes an inner part (1) which is intended to receive the fluid. The outer side of this inner part is provided with distance elements (9). The container also includes an outer part (2) which is designed as the shell of a cone. The central part (8) of the wall of the inner part (1) of ...

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Somatostatin peptides bearing at least one chelating group for a detectable element, said chelating group being linked to an amino group of said peptide, and said amino group having no significant binding affinity for somatostatin receptors, in free or salt form, are complexed with a detectable elem ...

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Polycarbophil or crosslinked acrylic acid polymer is prepared in a solvent selected from acetone, alkyl acetates, and mixtures thereof, in the presence of an effective amount of divinyl glycol crosslinker, and in the presence of an effective amount of a suitable initiator allowing for polymerization ...

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In a high-power radiation device for visible light a UV-radiator "pumps" a dye enclosed in a dye channel (9) and contained in a liquid.

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The invention provides for detection of changes in a nucleotide sequence based on the determination of the nucleotide sequence over the region of interest. The first step of the process involves obtaining an amplified DNA sample in which at least one attachment moiety has been introduced into at lea ...