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A polypeptide or glycosylated polypeptide with at least one new carbohydrate chain produced by means of recombinant DNA technique, which has protease resistance and thermal stability and is expected to have longer lifetime in blood than those of a naturally-occurring form.

Shavit Eyal, Teichner Lester: Interactive market management system.. Strategic Processing, May 30, 1990: EP0370146-A1 (114 worldwide citation)

A system (50) for interactive on-line electronic communications and processing of business transactions between a plurality of different types of independent users including at least a plurality of sellers, and a plurality of buyers, as well as financial institutions, and freight service providers. ...

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Apparatus for the surgical treatment of tissues (12) by hyperthermia, preferably the prostate (14), of the type equipped with heating means (16) for inducing hyperthermia, comprising a microwave generating device (18) placed in an emitting probe means (20) adapted to be inserted in a cavity of the b ...

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A device for detecting the dispensing of drugs from a container (10) in a way which eliminates false detection events due to mishandling of the container (10) is disclosed. The device includes a container (10) which may be opened and closed. It also contains a means (21) for detecting the opening an ...

Meili Hermann: Nozzle arrangement on robot vacuum cleaning machine. Unilever, May 30, 1990: GB2225221-A (89 worldwide citation)

A sensing nozzle system for a robot vacuum cleaning machine comprises support 6 fixed to the vacuum cleaning machine, nozzle 5 movably mounted on the support and flexibly connected to a vacuum system, motor 7 for moving the nozzle relative to the support, and sensor 8 to detect any obstacles in the ...

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Disclosed are cosmetic compositions that exhibit a fluorescent appearance when applied to a person's skin (e.g., the lips or cheeks), hair or nails, and exposed to incident light, and a method of using those compositions to provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the skin, hair or nails. The ...

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Compounds having the formula (I) : and stereoisomers thereof, wherein A is hydrogen, halo, hydroxy, C1-4 alkyl, C1-4 alkoxy, C1-4 haloalkyl, C1-4 haloalkoxy, C1-4 alkylcarbonyl, C1-4 alkoxycarbonyl, phenoxy, nitro or cyano; R and R, which may be the same or different, are hydrogen, optionally substi ...

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To provide a sufficiently firm substrate for a child to stand upon, a relatively stiff support layer (10) consisting of a sheet of closed cell non-porous foamed material is located beneath a relatively soft mattress layer proper (20) of air permeable foamed material. To enable air circulation and dr ...

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Sulfonium, arsonium, ammonium and sphosphonium salts, useful as photoinitiators, comprise: a chromophore which absorbs visible radiation, the chromophore (1) having a removable positive hydrogen ion and (2) exhibiting a higher energy occupied molecular orbital than at least one other substituent att ...

Seike Takashi: Pyrogenic sheet and method of manufacturing thereof.. Seike Takashi, May 30, 1990: EP0370600-A1 (54 worldwide citation)

A pyrogenic sheet having a substrate (3) comprising synthetic fibers solely or in admixture with natural fibers and/or regenerated cellulose fibers, with a pyrogenic agent (4) that generates heat in contact with oxygen in air being dispersed and retained therein. The substrate (3) may be sandwitched ...