Peter S Vogel: Selective video playing system. May 29, 1990: US04930158 (479 worldwide citation)

A classification code, recorded repeatedly along with program material, is recovered on playing a video recording, and used to inhibit replay if the recovered code matches any of a set of codes specified by the user. The codes which cause replay to be inhibited can be set by the user after entering ...

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A method of treating hemodynamic disfunction by simultaneously pacing both ventricles of a heart. At least one ECG amplifier is arranged to separately detect contraction of each ventricle and a stimulator is then activated for issuing stimulating pulses to both ventricles in a manner to assure simul ...

Peter S Vogel: Automatic censorship of video programs. May 29, 1990: US04930160 (359 worldwide citation)

A video program is received from a broadcast or video recording and displayed for viewing. On receipt of a prescribed classification code or group of codes display is switched to an alternative source. The classification code can be encoded into the broadcast or tape being viewed, or can originate f ...

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A self-sealing percutaneous tube (e.g. catheter) introducer having a sealing mechanism to prevent blood or fluid leakage that includes spaced sealing gaskets adapted to surround the tube, a distal sealing element being planar and having a slit whereas the proximal sealing element being conical and h ...

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A surgical clip is disclosed having a pair of spaced arms joined by a bridge that is deformed by pulling on a tang, which is connected to the bridge by a frangible neck. Also disclosed is a tool for pulling the tang, and an anastomosis procedure that may be quickly performed using the clip and tool.

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A method for closing and sealing a puncture at a puncture site in an artery located beneath the skin after a catheter is removed from the puncture. The method includes the steps of applying pressure directly to the artery at the puncture site, and applying laser energy directly to the artery at the ...

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A fiber reinforcement, which can be of solid or hollow construction, and a synthetic resin back up are disposed in a recess provided on the side of the club head remote from the shooting surface. A mass can be adjustably imbedded in the synthetic resin backup so as to increase the inertial moment of ...

Donald H Nielson: Method and apparatus for shale gas recovery. Ramex Syn Fuels International, May 29, 1990: US04928765 (251 worldwide citation)

A process for the in situ gasification of shale avoids the necessity of initially fracturing the shale bed and includes the placement of a gas-fired heater assembly within a bore hole followed by the application, from above ground, of fuel gas and combustion air, both of which are regulated to maint ...

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A method and apparatus are provided for identifying predetermined individual members of a television viewing audience/marketing group in a plurality of monitored areas. A plurality of predetermined identification signals are stored each corresponding to one of the predetermined individual members. A ...

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Novel 1-substituted 1H-imidazo-[4,5-c]quinolin-4-amines are disclosed. These compounds function as antiviral agents, and they are potential synthetic intermediates in the preparation of known antiviral agents and labeled known antiviral agents. This invention also provides intermediates for preparin ...