De Salis Sker Jean Rodolphe: Surgical instrument.. Salis Sker Jean Rodolphe de, May 23, 1990: EP0369324-A1 (208 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a surgical instrument. This instrument, which comprises a body (1), two jaws which are fixed (2) and movable (4), means (6) for controlling the jaws (2, 4), means (40) for clamping the jaws (2, 4) one on the other, means (32, 36) for clipping tissues of an organ and means (6 ...

Wood Robert B, Thomas Mark A, Valimont James L, Littel H Edward Jr, Freeman Glenn E: Windshield display system for an automobile.. Flight Dynamics, May 23, 1990: EP0368898-A1 (105 worldwide citation)

A windshield display system for automobile includes a wavelength selective holographic combiner (12) laminated within the plies (36, 50) of an automobile windshield (10). A lamination process is provided to prevent degradation of the holographic combiner (12), which might otherwise occur with conven ...

Ray Charles D, Dickhudt Eugene A: Fusion cage for bone joints.. Cedar Surgical, May 23, 1990: EP0369603-A1 (104 worldwide citation)

A fusion basket (10) having an external, substantially continuous helical V-thread (12) by which it can be screwed into a bore after first forming in the bore mating female threads that bite into the cancellous regions.. Mating of the threads ensures that the fusion basket remains securely in place ...

Su Kai C, Stevens Crowe Jeanne S: Colored contact lens and method of making the same.. Ciba-Geigy, May 23, 1990: EP0369942-A1 (73 worldwide citation)

A contact lens capable of causing significant changes in the color of the iris of the eye of a wearer has a first portion contacting the eye, a second portion attached to the first portion and having an upper surface capable of being tinted, and an iris portion located between the first and second p ...

Gordon David W, Warner David M, Stallmo David C, Brant William A, Hubis Walter A: Arrayed disk drive system and method.. Array Technology, May 23, 1990: EP0369707-A2 (68 worldwide citation)

An arrayed disk drive system for providing memory to a computer, said arrayed system having a plurality of disk drives configured to form an array, said arrayed disk drives accessed by a plurality of channels, each channel accessing a plurality of disk drives, including a means for controlling the l ...

Suzuki Seiko, Tsuchitani Shigeki, Miki Masayuki, Matsumoto Masahiro: Capacitance type accelerometer and method of manufacturing the same.. Hitachi, May 23, 1990: EP0369352-A1 (64 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a capacitance type accelerometer and a method of manufacturing the same. The capacitance type accelerometer has a first silicon plate (2,7) formed as having a movable electrode part (7) which is moved according to acceleration, two second silicon plates (1, 3) which are disp ...

Mansuri Muzammil M, Martin John C, Hudyma Thomas W: Carbocyclic nucleosides and nucleotides.. Squibb Bristol Myers Co, May 23, 1990: EP0369409-A1 (54 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to 1-B-4-phosphonylmethoxycyclopentane compounds having Formula I or Formula II wherein R and R are independently hydrogen, hydroxy, chlorine, bromine, or an organic substituent having 1 to 5 carbon atoms and selected from carbacyloxy, alkoxy, alkylthio, amino, alkylamino and d ...

Binkert Christopher, Heinrich Gunther F, Schwander Jurg: Binding protein for insulin-like growth factors.. Sandoz, Sandoz, Sandoz, May 23, 1990: EP0369943-A1 (54 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to carrier proteins that bind to Insulin-like Growth Factors, also known as somatomedins, a process for producing them by recombinant means and their use in various therapeutic applications.

Doin James Edward, Evans Edwin Robert: Self-lubricating heat curable silicone rubber compositions.. Gen Electric, May 23, 1990: EP0369255-A2 (49 worldwide citation)

Self-bleeding heat curable silicone rubbers are provided which comprise 100 parts of substantially linear vinyl-containing polysiloxanes of the formula RaSiO4-a/2, 0.1 to 10 parts of an alkyl peroxide curing catalyst, and a bleeding amount of a self-bleed additive comprising a silanol-terminated dio ...

Sloma Alan, Rudolf Cathy Faye, Pero Janice, Rufo Gerald A, Sullivan Barbara J: Bacillus strains.. Bioteknika International, May 23, 1990: EP0369817-A2 (45 worldwide citation)

Bacillus cells containing a mutation in one or more of the epr gene resulting in inhibition of the production by the cell of the proteolytically active epr gene product or the genes encoding proteolytically active residual protease I (RP-I) and proteolytically active residual protease II (RP-II) are ...