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The present invention relates to single domain ligands derived from molecules in the immunoglobulin (Ig) superfamily, receptors comprising at least one such ligand, methods for cloning, amplifying and expressing DNA sequences encoding such ligands, preferably using the polymerase chain reaction, met ...

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A process for immobilizing an enzyme on an electrode surface is provided. The process comprises steps of: (a) electroplating the electrode surface, and (b) immobilizing thereon the enzyme and a mediator of electron transfer by means of an electropolymerzing substance. The enzyme immobilized electrod ...

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An amperometric sensor comprises a working electrode, a reference electrode, an enzyme whose catalytic activity on a substrate results in electroactivity, and an enhancer compound which enhances the detected electroactivity.

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A vehicle door lock system including a power lock actuator (50) for locking and unlocking a door by moving a lock lever (71), is further provided with a childproof and theftproof lock actuator (60) for moving a block lever (84) between a block position to prevent the swing motion of the lock lever, ...

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The data processor for executing in a pipeline system instructions controlled by wired logic control includes a plurality of instruction registers (104, 105; 3204 -3207) and arithmetic operation units (110, 112; 3214, 3215, 3217, 3218) of the same number. A plurality of instructions read in the inst ...

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A communications system has a base centre with radio transceivers 15 for providing a number of radio frequency (RF) communications links and a plurality of fixed radio ports 1 through which RF signals can be transmitted and received over the air. A fibre optic network (2, 4) interconnects the RF tra ...

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A capacitance (10) in an oscillator is alternately charged and discharged. The change-over from charging to discharging is controlled by means of a comparator (22) which compares a capacitance voltage (20) with a reference voltage (Vref). The oscillator comprises switching means (40, 42) for switchi ...

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In an optical card, a card substrate (30; 212; 312) has its rigidity which is sufficient to handle the card substrate independently. The card substrate has a first side (30a; 212a; 312a) which serves as a reading side upon which reading light is incident. An optical-data recording section (70; 270; ...

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A process for preparing a dextrin containing a dietary fiber characterized by dissolving a pyrodextrin in water and causing alpha -amylase to act on the solution.

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An integrated circuit microcomputer (10) enters a low power mode in response to executing an LPSTOP instruction. Only reset events and those interrupt events having a priority level sufficiently high to pass an interrupt mask are capable of causing the termination of the low power mode. The LPSTOP i ...